Data: Cross-ETH/EOS/TRON/IOST four major public chains, DApp activity rankings

According to data from DAppTotal on April 29th, in the past week, the DApp ecological situation of the four major public chains of ETH, EOS, TRON and IOST was compared: total users (units): EOS(292,337) > TRON(87,261) > ETH(31,678 ) > IOST(8,358); Total transactions (pen): EOS(26,393,841) > TRON(9,856,747) > IOST(2,360,126) > ETH(373,918);Total transaction amount (USD): EOS(144,852,700) > TRON(88,426,176) > ETH(39,182,195) > IOST(4,260,953).