Visa to make biggest adjustment to credit card transaction rates in nearly a decade

According to Bloomberg, Visa is planning to make the biggest adjustment to U.S. merchants' acceptance of Visa credit card payments in a decade. According to the documents sent by Visa to the bank, the transaction rate that consumers pay each time will be increased or decreased according to the specific merchant and the payment method. For example, payments on e-commerce platforms may require higher rates, and certain service categories such as real estate and education may have lower rates. Payment processors are updating their systems to prepare for new rates, and are scheduled to roll out in April and October. Specifically, for those cardless transactions made online or over the phone, the rate will increase. For traditional Visa credit cards, the transaction rate will increase from $ 1.9 to $ 1.99 for every $ 100 in transaction fees. For premium Visa credit cards The transaction rate will increase from $ 2.5 to $ 2.6, and if you use a premium Visa credit card to spend $ 50 in a place like a large supermarket, the transaction rate will drop by 33%, from $ 1.15 to $ 0.77.