Blockchain startup Digital Asset completes C + round of financing, with Salesforce and Samsung participating

According to Cointelegraph reported on February 5, software service provider Salesforce and Samsung's venture capital division participated in the digital asset C + round of blockchain startups.


Image source: pixabay

According to a press release issued on February 4, Digital Asset decided to launch a new round of financing after raising $ 35 million in the first round of financing in December 2019.

The second round of C financing attracted companies such as Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and Salesforce Ventures. Digital Asset co-founder and CEO Yuvol Rooz said in a press release:

"Salesforce Ventures and Samsung's participation in our Series C financing shows the potential of the tech giants to see DAML as a smart contract standard."

Financing for DAML development and adoption

As a startup in the niche area of ​​blockchain software, Digital Asset released a product called "Digital Asset Modeling Language" (DAML) in April 2019. DAML is an open source project that functions similar to smart contract coding, although it differs from this in terms of private execution.

The press release states that Digital Asset plans to use the funds raised by its additional financing round for DAML adoption, to promote the development of new DAML products, and to release more "DAML-enabled collaborative products."

Hire a techie

Digital Asset also hired a technocrat named Susan Hauser. According to the press release, Susan Hauser has worked at Microsoft for 28 years and has served as the vice president of the technology giant. She currently joins Digital Asset's board of directors.

Hauser has also previously been a consultant for Digital Asset, and she said in a press release:

"During my time as a consultant at Digital Asset, I quickly learned how smart contracts can be for a variety of use cases and across industries. In the near future we will see the adoption of smart contracts and languages ​​like DAML The rise. "

Cointelegraph also reported on Digital Asset's cooperation with Amazon AWS Aurora in June 2019. Cointelegraph tried to ask Digital Asset for more details, but has not received any response as of press time.