Report: ICE Index shows that BTC performs well relative to other market fundamentals

According to AMBCrypto, Circo's latest Crypto Economic Index (ICE) report states that bitcoin performed well relative to other market fundamentals last month. It is reported that the CEI index is an index that measures the network level and audit activity of crypto assets based on strength, volatility and valuation. According to this report, Bitcoin's CEI index rebounded to -2.73 in January, and after plunging to -8.73 in December 2019, the index stabilized slightly. With the rise of the CEI index, Bitcoin's hashrate has soared by nearly 17% compared to December last year. Although negative ratings indicate that the network's usage and intensity are declining, many in the community still believe that a rise from -8.73 to -2.73 is a good sign for the cryptocurrency market. The report also states that the number of Bitcoin nodes was 9,006 at the time of publication, and continues to remain in the 9,000 and 9,500 range. The average number of transactions on the Bitcoin chain in January also improved, with the average transaction fee paid for the month falling by 4.76%.