Stoppages, losses, suffering … Having not halved, but the mine disaster is coming?

At 21:00 on the evening of February 4, Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of the Leibite mining pool, posted on Weibo that he had a remote suburban mine and that the mining machine was required to be forced to shut down and not resume work.

This made him a little annoyed. "It is understandable to take a regular temperature measurement, name roll, and strictly prohibit going out, but what are the benefits of mining machinery for epidemic prevention? In this way, most people (especially front-line workers who stop by hand) do not need the epidemic. You have to die first. "

The video Weibo has been read more than 120,000 times, and there are more than 250 comments. This shows that the industry is very concerned about this.

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Entering February, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus is still continuing. According to Dr. Lilac, 24,363 confirmed cases nationwide, an increase of 3,889 cases from yesterday (4th), is in a curve rising stage.

As a result, the national prevention and control measures to combat the epidemic have been further tightened, and the city closure measures are infiltrating cities and towns and even villages across the country. Taking Yueqing, Zhejiang as an example, the entire city was closed for two weeks, and all external traffic was closed. No entry or exit was allowed. A 6-point deduction was imposed on monitoring and a fine of 300 yuan was imposed. Residents all use temporary passes and can go to designated markets twice a week to buy living supplies.

Originally, mining practitioners thought that mines were often in remote areas and did not require large-scale workers, as long as they had electricity and a network, they could operate normally. Moreover, there are staff on duty every year during the Spring Festival mine. Mining is the safest industry and will not be affected by the epidemic.

For now, however, the miners are in a state of burnout. The mine under construction is stopped, the mining machine is locked in the warehouse and cannot be brought online. The operation and maintenance personnel cannot get in.

The bull market did not come, the halving did not come, and a protracted battle without even self-rescue measures came first.

People can't get in, tens of thousands of mining machines eat ash at the mine

Lao Xu is a big miner. He has his own mines in Yungui, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places. In response to Jiang Zhuoer's situation, Lao Xu said that the mines in operation have not been temporarily affected by the epidemic. Forced shutdown. It still operates normally under the operation and maintenance of the staff on duty.

In Inner Mongolia, more than 10,000 mining machines lay quietly in one of his mines, because electricians could not enter the mines, these mining machines could not be powered on, and were eating ashes.

At present, it is a bitter water period. Most of the mining machines use thermal power as their energy source and are located in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. Affected by the epidemic, it is Xinjiang's policy that personnel entering Xinjiang will be taken away for 20 days and then quarantined for 14 days. This has caused many mines to be unable to return to work after the festival.

The resulting impact includes the failure to return the machine for repair in time when the machine is damaged. Yin Changming, the founder of Xiaoqiang Mining Machinery, previously told Babbitt that he has a mine that can hold 4,000 machines. During the Spring Festival, 4 operation and maintenance personnel were arranged. They Go to work in the mine, return to the living area after work.

As a result, the sudden policy restricted 3 operation and maintenance personnel to enter the mine, and only one operation and maintenance personnel maintained the roaring machine. The machine was broken and repaired by himself. Fortunately, Xinjiang's power and network are relatively stable, and no large-scale hashrate has occurred.

In an interview with Babbitt, Jiang Zhuoer said that what he encountered was a case, and only one of dozens of mines was stopped, but it is not ruled out that other mines were stopped in the future. Materials and personnel in other mines cannot enter and leave, which also has a major impact on mine maintenance.

At present, the situation in which employees cannot enter the mine after the year is being staged across the country.

100,000-kilowatt-loaded mine shuts down

Mining has never been an easy business, and miners must plan in advance according to their own judgment. Right now, the epidemic has stopped things that should have been advanced step by step, and they have been caught by surprise.

In the Yunnan-Guizhou area, Lao Xu has a 100,000-kilowatt mine under construction, but transformers and other equipment and staff are unable to enter the site for construction and are completely in a shutdown state. This means that the mine power-on time must be postponed.

The situation of Captain Yu of Mine and Sea Association is exactly the same as that of Lao Xu. The mine under construction he suspended construction has a single monthly loss of millions. "There is a cost for capital. I can't get electricity and can't get on the machine. I have more than 1,000 new mining machines in the warehouse."

According to Captain Yu, investing in the mine does not mean building it once and for all. Building a new mine is an ongoing task. In the mining circle where the revenue is calculated in minutes, the shutdown really made him sad.

"It's a big loss," he said. "I don't know what to do in the flood season, but if time is lost, it's over."

In May, the southwestern region will enter the flood season. This is an annual event for bitcoin mining. The epidemic situation completely disrupted their layout and rhythm. Last year, they hoped that the flood season would come earlier. This year, they want to The flood season came later, because the mine was too late to build, and it was only possible to return later.

What is the solution?

"The government refuses to let in. There is no way but to wait." What worries Lao Xu even more is that he estimates that the situation will improve after the 15th day of the first month, but even after that time, the personnel will definitely take temperature and isolation when they go in. When is the construction started?

In the current situation, mining is no less affected by the epidemic than other physical industries. "Can't say that the epidemic is coming, no one is working, right?" Lao Xu was not in a good mood, but he still expected that the situation would improve in late February.

Cryptocurrency background (mining rig), Cryptocurrency mining ri

Before the halving, hashrate may fall instead of rising, and the price of Bitcoin may rise

Earlier, Babbitt interviewed Jia Nan Yunzhi sales director Chen Feng. He said that at present there are not a large number of spot mining machines at the hands of several major manufacturers, and the factory is temporarily unable to start. In addition, logistics difficulties, it can be speculated that there will not be a large number in the first quarter. The miner is online.

Old Xu also agreed with this statement, "I think the computing power will not go up for a while and maybe even drop it."

Xiong Yue, the dean of Binxin Research Institute, is more pessimistic: "In the first half of the year, there should be no way to increase the computing power."

On January 28th, Bitcoin mining difficulty was adjusted to 15.47T, an increase of 4.67%. Based on this, the average computing power was estimated to be about 110E, which is the highest since the birth of Bitcoin. The computing power is an inferred valuation based on difficulty. Real-time computing power cannot be calculated, but from the average computing power of the past three days, at least the current Bitcoin network computing power has not been reduced due to the epidemic situation.

The computing power may not rise in the future, but what will happen to the price of Bitcoin? Old Xu and Captain Yu also believe that they should rise slightly.

"I don't think the halving will bring a big bull market, but because the halving is expected, this will have a market. As the profiteers sell, the price will return to normal. At the end of 2019, we are thinking about doing big. Market, but now everything is different. "

"There is nothing else to invest, only coins." Captain Yu said.

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