After the epidemic is overcome, it may have a profound impact on the development of the blockchain.

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A sudden outbreak has affected the hearts of billions of people. Regardless of the development of the epidemic or the supply of materials, the front line of the epidemic has attracted much attention, and many people and events will certainly have a profound impact on many people and industries.

I believe that the epidemic will be overcome, and after the epidemic comes to an end, everyone will start to think about what profound lessons and inspiration it has brought us …


The construction of a blockchain trusted society is imminent

In the past, many people thought that blockchain is only a low-level technology, and it doesn't seem to have much to do with itself. It wasn't until some "dreadful" things happened that we discovered that this society may really need some kind of more transparent and credible mechanism to perfect it.

Today's society is already a "credit society" and an era of "big information explosion." In an increasingly digitized world, people's convenience for information acquisition and their sensitivity to credit have improved. For example, if an organization's work is not in place and is not reasonable, a group of netizens will immediately pick up various information and question it, and it will soon become a hot topic for millions of netizens.

The Red Cross is a multi-layered organization, but in fact it has been known for a long time that the governance and development of the Red Cross in various places have encountered many challenges due to various problems caused by uneven economic development and natural disasters in various places. Prior events also cast a shadow over the charity, the Red Cross. The epidemic was focused and the Hubei Red Cross was also exposed to various problems, and the public was constantly questioning.

Based on various reports, we find that the fundamental problem of the Hubei Red Cross lies in its imperfect transparency and internal governance. As for many of the questions that netizens question, they are inseparable from the above.

Compared with the voluntary spontaneous donation in the society, many donors are really chilled. For example, Binance donated 10 million yuan in supplies and received a letter of thanks from Wuhan Municipal Government. Then, on the first day of the year, construction of the blockchain charity platform was established to make donor information more transparent and open, reshape trust, strengthen collaboration, help charity, and so on.

The blockchain industry has also provided many feasible solutions to the charity industry such as charity and material tracing, which can allow a multi-layered organization (not just the Red Cross) to be accurate and efficient in the collaborative process, and more importantly, It is a transparent process that allows more public and third-party organizations to directly participate in supervision, so that donors can rest assured that their love has reached the disaster area accurately. Institutions were able to regain the "credibility" in the minds of the general public.

Recently, Peng Bo, former deputy director of the former National Cyberspace Information Office, mentioned in "Top Ten Changes That" New Crown Pneumonia May Bring to the Chinese Internet ":

In the fight against "new crown pneumonia", digital technology shined brightly and became the "new weapon" to overcome the disease. It can be predicted that field-tested artificial intelligence AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital technologies (referred to as 'ABCDEI' digital technology) will play a leading role in economic and social development. Accelerate battlefield application implementation.

Moreover, the People's Daily also published relevant comments on promoting blockchain technology:

02 Rethinking decentralization

The word "decentralization" seems to have been proposed after the concept of the blockchain, and many people have been having difficulty understanding what it really is, thinking that this is an "air tower" or an "idealism" Even "utopia". In fact, if we carefully "pin" it, you will find that decentralization is everywhere …

Nature as we know it is the most "decentralized". The use of natural resources such as air and water does not actually require anyone's permission. People are born to enjoy it. Everyone has the same sky above their feet and the same step on their feet. Ground. Judging from each natural disaster or epidemic situation, mankind has never defeated nature, and more is the use of science and technology to develop natural resources. The outbreak of the virus has attracted attention from people all over the world. Various countries have sent various aids because fighting against viruses is a matter for all humanity, because it has no national borders, and it can be said that it is decentralized.

If we look at the human world with blockchain thinking , this earth is like a "decentralized" community, and each country is a super node (or mining pool) in this community, and each person is composed of a In the small nodes under the super node, people have reached consensus under the governance rules of each country. Through participating in work (proof of work) to obtain tokens and resource allocation, etc., many countries have also reached a lot of consensus (import and export trade) , Education, culture, technology exchange, etc.) Of course, there will be controversies and struggles between these super nodes. When someone is tired of these, they will want to fork to Mars. In the event of a natural disaster or epidemic, the fronts of various countries have almost remained the same to defeat it.

We push back, in fact, the most difficult scenario to reach consensus should be transaction cooperation between different countries, because whether it is a simple cross-border transfer or cross-border trade, it requires a particularly complex process in accordance with the laws and regulations of different countries. It must also be very large. At this time, only strong decentralized solutions that are not controlled by a certain country can enable multinational parties to collaborate, saving costs and not requiring third parties to obtain security and mutual trust.

In other words, such difficult cross-border collaborations can reach consensus, let alone non-border collaborations. In fact, the previous article "Is the Alliance Chain really so fragrant?" Part of the point in "..", as a weakly centralized solution, even if the performance is leading for a period of time, it is useless in many scenarios, because for many people and things, the real need to be solved is the trust problem. And not performance.

Bitcoin is an electronic currency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto to imitate the production of gold. People also call it "digital gold." I think Satoshi's initial intention is definitely to hope that people can build a "decenter" in a virtual world. "Environmentalization of natural resources", to maintain its "decentralization" by burning energy in the real world. If some people who use bitcoin as a beast can change their minds, since no one can destroy it and overcome it, why can't humans make full use of it like they do with nature? For example, the underlying technology blockchain proposed from it has been recognized by the world and will definitely become the cornerstone of a trusted society and a digital society in the future. And Bitcoin itself is regarded as a high-quality value storage tool.

03 Rethinking Distributed Collaboration

The Spring Festival holiday is over, and many companies are about to start construction. However, as the epidemic situation has not yet ended, various enterprises, organizations and teams are using the convenient Internet for "distributed" office work and collaboration to complete various tasks.

However, people will find that if this is the case in the short term, it can be made, and if the long-term distributed collaboration is bound to expose a lot of problems …

Perhaps this epidemic is just a drill of distributed collaboration. If the timeline is lengthened, we will find that many organizational structures will definitely change in the future. The changes in production relations and productivity have already begun. The rise of the sharing economy such as Didi Taxi is now Gradually eroding the share of various traditional industries. However, even if distributed collaboration is the future, and it can effectively save a lot of social resources, it still has many problems in terms of enthusiasm for work, fairness and transparency in the distribution of labor income.

It is precisely the strength of the blockchain to solve many problems exposed in some current distributed collaboration models. As the most successful and largest collaborative project in human history in more than 10 years, Bitcoin has become a model of distributed collaboration. Absolute fairness, transparency, and security, especially the unique Token incentive system can be refined and fair. Distribution according to work allows people to take the initiative to participate actively. If there is such a company or organization, after the release of work tasks, employees can actively participate and grow with the organization, which is definitely the dream state of all business owners.

The distributed collaboration system with the blockchain as the bottom layer is bound to be standard for various organizations in the future. Let us look forward to the future of "everyone is self-employed."

04 Postscript

Maybe many things can be realized only when you really see it . I think after this epidemic, there will be many people who want to understand why the blockchain is valuable, figure out that "decentralization" is not a beast, and re-understand distributed collaboration And so on, we can better understand why so many people are committed to the cause of blockchain construction. Finally, I hope the epidemic will end soon and the lives of the people of the whole country will return to the original track.

What are the main impacts of the epidemic on you or your industry? Welcome to share your views in the comments area.



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