Half a year of gold 5.2 billion, the "black" of the Bell chain

The recent demon currency is the Bell chain. It has risen five times in just 10 days, with a market capitalization value of up to 13 billion yuan and a total market value of 23 billion yuan.

Source: Coinmarketcap

The Bell Chain BRC once squeezed into the top ten of the digital currency/token currency market value and circulation market value ranking, surpassing the wave of TRON, Monroe XMR, Firecoin HT, NEO ants and other old star currencies.

At present, although the price has plummeted, the price has remained at 32 yuan and the total market value is 17 billion yuan.

I believe that many blockchain veterans like me, when the Bell chain just came out with only a few dollars, just look at his model and think it is a pyramid money, the fund disk, it will collapse sooner or later, so basically see it as a joke. pass.

However, the Bell chain often suddenly rises when everyone feels that it is going to collapse, so that many people can't understand and sigh at the same time why they don't have a morning car.

I missed this opportunity and I was very upset. I wanted to know more about this project. But the attitude of the Bell Chain on the market is very polarized. Some people screamed for pyramid schemes and funds, while others sang hymns because of quite a part. Early participants did make money.

I can't find an objective analysis, then I will come by myself.

01 What is the Bell chain?

About the introduction of the Bell chain, there are many online, the official website profile is like this:

Baer Chain is a game ecosystem based on blockchain technology architecture and distributed intelligent contract. It uses a decentralized structure to directly link the constituent molecules of the entire game ecological chain to achieve direct docking, lossless circulation and secure storage of individual values.

Simply put, it is a blockchain game platform. The name of the Bell chain comes from the American video game pioneer Ralph Bell. The slogan in the white paper is also: "Let the game fall to the essence."

All the contents of the revised white paper are all about the concept of blockchain games, and it seems to be the same as the white paper of the general currency project.

So why do everyone think it is a pyramid currency? I guess the origin might be this video:

Hundreds of people held their right hands and shouted: Bell 100,000 started! Bell started 100,000!

This amazing posture is shocking, and their posters are like the picture below. The style and text are very low-profile, which makes it difficult to connect with MLM.

If it is only the reason for its rise to MLM, it seems too simple.

It relies on two games to absorb 5.2 billion yuan in half a year, and it has rushed into the top ten market value in the numerous currency circles of the project. This is not just a simple pyramid scheme.

The powerful trading team and marketing team behind the Bell Chain, even if they don't make money in the name of the blockchain, can make a lot of money in other fields.

High interest rates attract funds, high share is strongly promoted, and high control controls currency prices.

The play of the Bell Chain combines the essence of the fund disk, the transmission/direct marketing and the essence of the currency/blockchain.

And its black past events are far more shocking than ordinary people imagined.

Next, I will start with a 2 billion "Super Rich" and a 3.2 billion "Global City" to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the Bell Chain's trading mechanism.

02 The 2 billion game "Super Rich"

In order to understand the Bell Chain project, I first downloaded the game "Super Rich", which is claimed to be made by countless people. This game is the main project of the Bell Chain.

But soon I discovered that the essence of the game is a money game.

Players use the money (Ethereum ETH) to buy the shops in the game, the publishers produce the digital token BRC issued by the Bell chain, BRC can exchange the US dollar and other legal currency or other digital tokens on the mainstream digital token exchange of ZB Exchange.

The top-up address of the "Super Rich" game is:

0x65043331a41cc4350030BB4 011E2a7a85c90Ec11

I am very curious about the core project of such a demon coin, how many people play, how much money is recharged. So I climbed up all the recharge records for this address. The results of the statistics are shocking to me.

From the game on October 19, 2018 to April 23, 19, in just 6 months, a total of 16,000 users totaled 1.4 million Ethereum recharges and 15.7 million BRC recharges.

According to the current market price of Ethereum and BRC, this is equivalent to a recharge of 2 billion yuan.

This figure, regardless of the blockchain project, the fund disk project or the game project, is worthy of the project's pride.

In the traditional game field, even the current top-ranked "King of the Glory" this all-people mobile game, in the first half of the release, did not reach 2 billion yuan in the flow.

More than 10,000 users, the average recharge amount of nearly 100,000 yuan, of which 170 recharges more than 1 million yuan, more than 5,000 recharges of more than 100,000 yuan.

The number of large households is relatively small, but the total investment contributed is a high proportion.

Among them, the top ten users have invested more than 5 million yuan, and have made repeated investments ranging from 10 to 178 times.

The first place is more than 13 million yuan .

In this "super rich" game that thousands of local tyrants obsessed, players need to use ETH or BRC to redeem gold coins in the game, then use gold coins to buy various stores, recruit, train, upgrade employees, upgrade buildings, the purpose is Improve your ability to earn BRC tokens.

In addition, Super Rich does not have any entertainment, interactivity or sociality in any common game. The player recharge game is not entertained, the beautiful female anchor is not available, and the game props of the big rocket butcher knife are not available. The only thing that can be obtained is the digital token BRC of the Bell chain.

03 Gold's 3.2 billion game "Global City"

"Global City" is another popular game that Bell Chain launched on March 19th.

The gameplay is similar to Super Super, but the recharge method was changed from Ethereum to BRC and USDT, and the revenue period was changed from the original sustainable income to the limited time income.

But what remains unchanged is the BRC of the output and the promise of the return of the day.

Once the game was launched, it was even more popular than the "Super Rich". Many large households had hundreds of thousands of millions of BRCs (worth millions to tens of millions of RMB) in the first week of the game.

As of April 23, 2019, a total of 110 million BRCs were recharged into the game, which was valued at RMB 3.2 billion based on the market price of 30 yuan on April 23.

The Bell Chain passed the "Global City" project, which locked the flow of nearly half of the circulation, which provided a powerful convenience for the subsequent manipulation of the currency price.

04 user fanatic reasons

So why are more than 10,000 adults going crazy into the game with millions of real money, used to exchange for a digital token that has been issued at a very low cost and has just been released for less than a year?

This is because the promotion of the Bell chain makes them firmly believe that BRC is the golden egg, and those shops in "Super Rich" and "Global City" are the golden goose that lays golden eggs.

The official promise is that the recharge users can return to the original and start making profits within 90~120 days according to the level of the recharge amount. Get 3 to 4 times or more in return every year.

The way to achieve this is the official BRC that distributes and promises investment income to the investment users every day. Users can choose to sell the BRC on the mainstream digital token exchange ZB exchange at any time.

For example, if the user Xiao Zhang invests 10,000 yuan in one time, then he will belong to the 100-day return, and in the following days, he will receive a BRC worth 100 yuan every day.

He can choose to sell the 100 yuan BRC on the ZB exchange, or he can reinvest in the game. In the days to come, he will earn 36,000 yuan a year.

This setting is the same as that of the money bank or MMM. It is the promise of super high returns. The difference is that the traditional fund is to accept RMB or USD, and then promise and pay interest in the same currency. income. The Bell Chain is a collection of Ethereum, but pays for its own issued and highly controlled BRC digital tokens.

On the one hand, this setting has prevented the official from paying a large amount of cash in the early stage of the project, and thus has more cash for market operation and secondary market trading; on the other hand, the official has more selling points in project promotion.

As a digital token that can be traded on exchanges, the price of BRC fluctuates due to supply and demand, which also leads to the number of BRCs harvested by the investors of Super Rich and Global City each day, subject to price fluctuations. Changed.

Since the time to anchor the Ethereum value back is locked, the following happens:

When the price of BRC rises, the number of BRCs obtained by the player will decrease;

Conversely, when the BRC price falls, the player will get more BRC.

This interesting setting gives the official a perfect propaganda:

If the BRC rises, you can sell the coins in your hands at a higher price and make more money;

If the BRC falls, it doesn't matter, you can get more BRC, and you can earn more when you rise.

This clever setting has made many store owners very happy when the price of coins falls.

In addition, according to the current rules of the game, "Super Regal" users have no deadline or maximum amount for BRC revenue. This means that under the current rules of the game, one investment will benefit for the rest of your life.

Marx once said in Capital:

With 100% profit, capital will dare to trample on all human laws; if it has a profit of 300%, it will dare to commit any crime and even risk the twist.

The users of the Bell Chain "Super Rich" and "Global City" are faced with the temptation of 3 times, 4 times or even more profit per year. To get these profits, you don't need to risk the killing. You just need to use your fingers to charge the money into the game.

This temptation makes them crazy.

05 sitting on the four steps

Seeing this, if you only think of the Bell Chain as a MLM fund that is covered with a game jacket, you underestimate it. The Bell chain has greater ambitions and more complex designs, and the high-yield commitment to absorb funds is only a small part of his big game.

This big chess, called "Sit Zhuang".

Sitting in the secondary market of the stock market and the currency circle can be easily divided into the following four steps. The Bell chain is also familiar with it:

Preparation for trading funds

Control circulation chip

Violent pull

High shocks to ship and profit

Among them, in the process of controlling the circulation of chips, it is a necessary method to collude with major shareholders or project parties and buy stocks or tokens at a low level. In the currency circle, you can further lock in liquidity by using the method of voting for nodes, providing financial products and other locks.

In the process of violent pull and high-level shock shipments, it is often necessary to cooperate with good news, media offensive and superb secondary market operations.

1) Preparing the trading funds

Through the previous analysis, we already know that Bell Chain has raised 1.4 million Ethereum worth 1.5 billion through the "Super Rich" as a trading capital. And through the two games locked 120 million BRC ("super rich" 15.7 million, "World City" 110 million), accounting for nearly half of the circulation.

1.4 million Ethereums are enough for most of the currency projects to randomly draw their K-line as they like, but is this all the money for the Bell Chain project? Golden Finance reported the news of the 30 million RMB financing of Bell Chain in July 18, but is there any water in the financing? What are the funds used for financing? How much does the project party spend on the secondary market?

With these questions, I further dig deep into other wallet accounts related to the project side.

Soon, I found a suspicious wallet address *ff1a when the Bell Chain project was first established. This account received more than 9,300 Ethereum payments during the early financing of the Bell Chain from May to September 18, and in October 18, it paid for the official chainet address of the Bell Chain. To pay for the Ethereum network usage fee GAS.

There are many indications that this account and another *4107 wallet are most likely the account that the project party uses to collect angel funds.

If my guess is correct, then there are 12 major investors in the early stage of the Bell Chain. The first investment was paid in May 18, and the last one was in September. Each investor invested between 100 and 3,000 Ethereum, with a total value of about 40 million at that time, slightly higher than the 30 million yuan financing announced in July.

After receiving these investment funds, except for a small part (about 800 Ethereum), which was transferred to the repo address for the secondary market, most of the funds were quickly transferred to ZB, fire coins, and Gate. Mainstream exchanges such as io and currency security.

Presumably, the more than 9,000 Ethereums that were initially integrated have been realized in the major exchanges, supporting the pre-project operating costs and game production and operating expenses.

So at this point, we can basically determine that the main capital of the Bell Chain project for the operation of the secondary market, most of which is 1.5 billion through the "super rich."

So how much of the 1.5 billion funds obtained through the "Super Rich" entered the secondary market?

By tracking the tracking of the Bell Chain for the repo address **8d95 and **e2da operated by the exchange, I found that the 1.4 million Ethereums that were recharged were almost rushed into the ZB.com exchange ** 976b in batches. Account.

Although I can't track the changes in the account after entering the ZB exchange, it proves that, at least on the surface, the Bell Chain project will be worth 1.4 million Ethereum worth 1.5 billion yuan from the "Super Rich". The exchange, used for secondary market repurchase and trading.

If you think about it a little, you will find this operation very interesting. The user gives the money to the official at one time, and the official installs the BRC to the user in stages, and then takes the money given by the user at the exchange.

The official operation can be simply summarized as: "Come to me, I will come to sit in the village."

In the early days of the project, users get a BRC with a period of 90 to 120 days, but Ethereum is in one place. This led to the vast majority of BRC chips still in the hands of the official, the huge amount of Ethereum used to control the disk is also in the hands of the official.

With money and coins (chips), sitting in Zhuang has never been so easy.

Of course, with the gradual release of the BRC, the ability to officially control the disk will become weaker, but this is the end.

2) Control the circulation of chips

From the previous analysis of the two games "Super Rich" and "Global City", we know that the Bell chain locks 120 million BRCs in this way, locking period is 90~120 days, accounting for nearly half of the circulation.

But why did the Bell chain launch the lock-and-smasher "Global City" on March 18, 19, after the "Super Rich" and the exchange nearly half a year? What is the whole story of the entire BRC chip?

To answer these questions, you must start with the initial release of the Bell Chain BRC. To this end, I found the smart contract for the original currency of the BRC and the account that received the earliest currency, and tracked the main account from June 18 to April 19th.

According to the Bell Chain white paper, 50% of BRC tokens will be issued to the team and investors at all stages, and 50% of the tokens will be distributed to ecologically-contributing participants through ecological incentives.

The Bell Chain BRC token was originally created in Ethereum in June 18th and was gradually transferred to five wallets, such as **f145 and **6371, for use in team incentives, eco-incentives, etc. as described in the white paper.

Although there are various unlocking conditions in the white paper, by the time of April 19, 57% of BRCs have reached the unlocking conditions, and all of the private equity investment parts have reached the unlocking conditions.

By April 19th, the 290 million BRC for ecological rewards had been disbursed by 120 million, leaving only 172 million in the hands of the Bell Chain official.

The team and the early investment of 116 million BRC have not been used.

Another 58 million BRC projects were initially broken up and gradually transferred to hundreds of wallets. Then the owners of these wallets have entered the BRC into the official wallet of Bell, and some directly entered the exchange, but also entered the game or their own digital wallet. This highly random form is much like many early retail investors.

Finally, there are 116 million dynamics in the private equity category BRC that are very intriguing.

At first they were transferred to 23 wallets, with an average of 5 million BRC per wallet. After the transfer, these accounts fell into silence for nearly half a year, until some of them were transferred to the Bell wallet in the last month. There is almost no transfer to the exchange.

The 116 million BRC wallet holders showed great discipline and loyalty. I am boldly guessing that they are either officially holding their own accounts, or that the official has a strong influence on account holders.

Although BRC's chips have been scattered compared to the beginning of the project, the official has done some actions to make BRC's chips look less concentrated, but by April 19th, the total number of BRCs of the top 100 holders remained It reached 96%.

There is also a small episode in the process. Among the top users, I accidentally found an interesting wallet account, 0x492eea2038aadc701259f3535841a b985c2f9a80, this account holds tens of millions of BRCs for a long time, but it is also involved in CDC consumption. Negative coverage of the chain. This is a digression, and interested friends can search for themselves.

It seems that the chip of BRC is very concentrated. Why did the project party launch the "Global City" in March 19 and lock the 110 million BRC?

The reason lies in the mechanism of ecological incentives.

After the launch of the game "Super Rich", the number of BRCs issued has risen linearly. It has become the gold-absorbing artifact of the Bell chain, and it has also put a huge amount of uncontrolled BRC to the market and retail investors.

By March 19, before the launch of Global City, Bell Chain had issued more than 60 million BRCs, and BRC will continue to grow in the future due to the active re-entry of users.

The rapid surge in BRC liquidity forces the project side to react, otherwise the cost of the project's pull will become extremely high once the chips are too fragmented.

The first solution given by the 2-1 Bell Chain is: “Consumption”.

On January 12, 19, in the third month after the launch of "Super Rich", two months before the launch of "Global City", Bell Chain launched the game "Super Warrior".

This game is a simple shooting game. Players use the BRC to buy bullets to destroy monsters in the game. After defeating the monster, you will receive a random BRC reward. Although the gameplay is higher than the above two games, but compared with other shooting class games, it is still too simple, and may even be better than some game demos.

But like the above two games, gameplay is not the goal of this Super Warrior.

Since the Daguai consumes a valuable BRC, the number of BRCs obtained after Daguai is highly random, and the nature of this game actually has a certain gambling nature.

The official intention of launching this game is not difficult to guess:

I hope that users will consume the BRC earned in "Super Rich" in the game "Super Warrior" which has certain gambling properties. This will ease the pressure on the official repurchase of the BRC in the secondary market and bring some steady cash flow to the project side.

However, "World City", which was launched two months later, shows that the situation has not completely followed the direction of the official design. After all, if the user's reaction to Super Warrior is very positive, then the BRC produced in "Super Rich" and the BRC unlocked by private placement will be mostly consumed in "Super Warrior", so there is no need to officially lock the warehouse. Operated.

On the one hand, the BRC, which is continuously produced by the "Super Rich", and the BRC, which is continuously unlocked by private shareholders, reached the "World City" in March of 19, when it was said that it had to be launched.

The market performance of "Global City" after the launch of the line gave the official a dose of cardiotonic, 100 million BRC was quickly put into the game within 30 days. The lockout program was very successful.

But "Global City" is a double-edged sword.

Its role can only be limited to short-term liquidity. Once 90 days, not only the original locked currency will return to the user's hands, but also exponentially expand. If no other measures are taken, the market will be easily washed away by massive BRC.

As a project with high-ranking people, the Bell Chain is of course very clear about this situation. In response, the official quickly made a combination of punches when the situation was still controllable, and sacrificed the "super node" artifacts that were tried and tested in the classic EOS and other classics.

2-2 SuperNode Program

On April 1st, the Bell Chain Super Node (MEP) plans to open the vote. The plan will select the top 21 teams to be the super nodes of Baer Chain, and the next 30 will become standby nodes. Its locking method is mainly reflected in the following rules:

Campaign team lock

Teams participating in the Baer Chain SuperNode campaign will need to submit 300,000 BRCs as campaign locks until they are waived. Assuming 50 teams are running for the campaign, the number of direct locks will reach 15 million.

Among them, 6 million will lock the warehouse for a long time, and the BRC of other campaign teams will also need to be unlocked after the main network is officially launched. The current timeline for the main online line is the fourth quarter of 19 years.

Voting lock

Although voting does not consume BRC, it will lock the BRC until the main online line. The ballots cast to the super node will be unlocked in 3 months.

Interestingly, super nodes and voting users who invest a lot of resources will not get more BRC from the project side. They will get another digital asset created by the project – cookie, and the main purpose of the cookie is similar to the GAS on Ethereum, which is used to pay for the use of network resources on the Bell chain.

The launch of MEP has prompted large players to compete for a large number of BRCs, resulting in a shortage of BRC in the market in the short term, which makes it easier to manipulate the price of coins.

From the BRC consumption of "Super Warrior", to the lock of "Global City", to the lock of the "Super Node" and the creation of demand, the Bell Chain project will firmly control the circulation chips in the short term. This created excellent conditions for his violent pull at the end of March 19th.

3) & 4) Violent pulls & high shocks to ship and profit

At the end of March 19, in the "Global City" has locked 70 million BRC, and after the super node plan is announced, the BRC began to pull up strongly, and in 5 days, it has increased by 5 times.

Just when most people think that the price of the currency is about to fall freely, the BRC starts to oscillate at a high level. This earthquake has already shaken for a month.

Many people said it was incredible, but after reading the friends I analyzed before, I can see the reasons why the official has the ability to violently pull the disk:

Strong official funds, holding 1.4 million Ethereum as the basis for the pull

The BRC market sells less, and the chips are locked in a short period of time. It still takes a long time to release.

Most of the chips are still in the hands of the official, easy to control

The official choice is to violently pull at this point in time. In addition to the high position, there is another important but hidden and ingenious reason: to reduce the supply of BRC .

As we said before, the output of BRC in "Super Rich" and "Global City" is following the fluctuation of the price of BRC. The higher the BRC price, the less BRC users get.

When a large number of users put massive BRC into the game in March, the price of BRC rose by a factor of five in just ten days, which directly led to a five-fold reduction in the revenue of these early recharge users.

This clever design and operation is very concealed, and the logic is very versatile and difficult to understand. However, once you understand it, you can understand the overall design of the Bell chain, and you will be even more sighed by the strength of the dealer.

06 strong Zhuang Bell chain

Bell chain can stand out in a blockchain project, fund disk project and game project. The main reason can be summarized into two words: professional

Not to mention the behind-the-scenes of the project side, the combination of funds, pass/direct and blockchain/coin play is so integrated and natural, and the numerous small details in the project's operation also make people lament his professionalism.

1) Strong fundraising ability

The fundraising ability of the Bell chain is strong from last year's project project and angel round financing.

In April 2018, Bell Chain established a foundation in Singapore, which marked the official opening of the project. The first gameplay, like most currency projects, did the following:

Build a team with 6 executives as the core, including three Chinese with three Western faces

I wrote a 44-page white paper about the story of a beautiful blockchain-enabled game industry.

An ERC-20 token was issued at Ethereum to raise funds

With a 44-page PPT and a team with only English names but no full name, the project received 9,300 Ethereum investments (then worth tens of millions of RMB), and it was still in a period when the market quickly became cold and bearish. Not to mention that it is a very good fundraising performance.

2) Strong push team

In addition to the mature way of sitting, the promotion of the Bell chain and the PR means are also remarkable, and I will conduct a detailed analysis.

If it is not the Bell Chain project, you can hardly imagine that someone will specifically make a promotion website for their own projects.

The domain name of this website is: http://www.yx6336.com/, you can search for it yourself if you are interested.

It contains detailed gameplay tips for "Super Rich" and "Global City", and an update of the weekly weekly bulletin of the Bell Chain. Any one of the game's Raiders points in, there are extremely detailed descriptions of the gameplay and money-making strategies, pictures and texts, with promotional videos.

Regarding the split mode of pulling the human head, it is also very clear, and even a numerical calculation is clearly made, telling you that "playing this game can return to this 100 days."

Many players are impressed by these articles and have invested a lot of money. Like most blockchain projects, the early players earned steady profits and the late enterers suffered blood loss. However, this wave of strong pulls in the near future should allow many currency users to recover their capital.

Although there are a lot of negatives about the Bell chain in the circle, your Baidu Bell chain will find that there are basically no negative news in the first few pages except for individual articles.

So this shows that behind the Bell chain is a marketing promotion team that is very familiar with domestic promotion and marketing gameplay. In Baidu's SEO, it has been very low-cost and high-quality optimization, and this team is extremely localized and grounded, more like Is a professional team engaged in online earning.

3) Precision drainage and market PR

If you look closely at the Bell Chain and the Fire Bull, which are considered "MLM" and have a certain scale of projects, you will find that they are very good at precision drainage from Baidu.

One of them is that they will build their own Baidu Post Bar, and Baidu Post Bar operates very well.

The post bar is filled with a lot of words of "making money" and "rich", and left the micro-signal and QR code to accurately drain. Everyday, there are also special posts for the water army to post and maintain. The project information and strategies you need are basically found.

This is also a lot of people engaged in the online earning industry, has been carefully managed a drainage road.

In addition, Baidu's Baijia number, Baidu knows and other products, is also the object of Baidu's algorithm tilt.

In the Baidu homepage of the Bell chain, there are several positive reports from the Baijia. As can be seen from the figure, the PR of the Bell Chain is not only a project introduction, but also a technical level.

A large number of self-media trumpetes have been put on the media platforms such as IT168, Tencent Cloud, Sohu, etc., and the cost is small, but it has created an extremely positive technology flow image.

Other community fission and other currency circle regular play, everyone participates a lot, the circle of friends often have users involved in the Bell Chain project to brainwash propaganda, here will not do too much discussion.

4) The product is well placed

In the chaos of the currency circle, many projects can be financed with only one white paper. The Bell chain has really made several landing games. Although the game itself has a single gameplay, the quality of the game looks fine under the rough look. And the operation is smooth, no bugs.

Especially the game "Super Warrior", it is shocking to open. A "MLM project" that pulls the head and shouts, the game that was made should be rustic and unconventional.

However, "Super Warrior" has a simple gameplay, which really refreshed my opinion.

07 Can you make money? Is it still possible to get in now?

No matter how strong the team is, how to be skilled in the way. The Bell chain has never escaped the ultimate fate of the game of funds, there must be a day of collapse.

From the previous analysis, we can easily see that the Bell chain will face a very large selling pressure.

All users who invest in “shops” in the game are expecting annual revenues of 300% to 400%. This means that the Bell Chain needs to make the existing users gain 5.2 billion yuan to ensure that they do not lose money, and the annual income of 20 billion will make this project survive for one year.

Whether it is "Global City" or SuperNode campaign, it is essentially the operation of the lockout, which is intended to temporarily reduce the saleable chips in the world, and provide convenience for currency manipulation and high cashout in a short period of time .

Only the "super rich" and the official selling of coins can bring external cash inflows to the project side, and then land projects and market operations.

However, from the above analysis, we also see that the current recharge amount of "Super Rich" has continued to show a downward trend in the past one month, and it is an indisputable fact that the external funds are weak.

At present, the maintenance of the currency price, the main force is definitely the official 1.5 billion buying funds, the team that wants to run the super node will also be added.

But once the SuperNode campaign is over, the buying power in the market will only be left by the official BRC.

Therefore, the Bell chain either officially abandons the maintenance of the currency price, the price of the currency is sluggish, or similar to the Fire Bull, changing the current rules of play, reducing the income of early users.

After the SuperNode campaign is completed, from the publicity of Bell's official wallet, we predict that the Bell Chain will also be able to play online smart hardware devices.

This game was brought to the peak by the Thunder router at the beginning of the 18th year. Later, many old vendors including 360 and Fiji have launched. Although the price of the currency has fallen so badly, it is undeniable that the ability to absorb gold is very strong when it is on the vent.

After the above analysis, the context of the entire project has been basically presented, and now we are sorting according to the timeline:

In April 2018, the Bell Chain Singapore Foundation was established.

Angel Wheel Private Startup in May 2018

In September 2018, the angel round of private placement ended, and 9300 Ethereums were raised.

Launched "Super Rich" in October 2018, while BRC launched ZB.com Exchange

Launched in January 2019, "Super Warrior", intended to consume the user's BRC

Launched in March 2019, "Global City", invested in BRC to obtain BRC, intended to lock the warehouse

In April 2019, the super-node campaign began, and the lock-in BRC voted to lock the position, bind the interests and create buying demand.

At present, the Bell Chain project has already repaid the Ethereum value of RMB 1.5 billion and the BRC recharge of RMB 3.5 billion through three games, totaling RMB 5.2 billion.

We boldly predict here, although the current official has enough strength and motivation to maintain the currency price continues to fluctuate at a high level. However, as users gain more and more BRC revenue from the two games, the BRC chip will inevitably become more and more dispersed after the end of the BRC lockout at the main online line. At that time, the official will want to control the disk and pull the disk will consume a lot of money.

When the project is no longer profitable, the official will either give up or continue to maintain the price of the currency, or reduce the user's income. But no matter how it is operated, it will lead to the lack of buying, and the price of the currency will fall freely.

In the first round of the operation of the Bell chain, the operation method of the coin chain is to start with the coin-based financing game. The game of funds is used to raise a large amount of funds, and the direct sales/c sales mechanism is strongly promoted. Finally, the game in the secondary market is profitable.

In the first round of the game, the super node mode was introduced, which not only helped the secondary market to play the role of a strong lock, but also wrote a prologue for the second round of the game.

It is foreseeable that the second round may have the following gameplay:

Super node grabs the battle

Dapp game detonates ecology

Intelligent hardware mining fund disk

Cookie currency skyrocketing  

It is both an end and a beginning.

How the Bell chain performs in the second round of the game, we will wait and see.

08 conclusion

This is my first such close-up use of raw data to analyze a suspected fund of $10 billion. I believe that this is probably the first time in history that someone has used near-original project-side financial data to analyze a suspected fund disk.

A similar analysis was done before, but also the Fire Bull video and FOMO 3D, but these two projects can't be compared with the Bell Chain in terms of influence.

56-day paid user super-listed company, 4D long text analysis of the fire cattle 9 billion to go

"First Depth Secret" Fomo3D, 22 million taken away by hackers

In the past six months, the blockchain and the currency circle have staged the myth of countless riches. Due to the survivors' deviations, most people can only see a small group of people who are rich, and most of the losses are silent.

In the past two years, I have gradually learned about the blockchain principle and the investment blockchain project from the blockchain concept stocks and blockchain games, earned some money, and paid a lot of tuition fees. The deepest feeling is that when investing and speculating, always pay attention to controlling your original sin – greed.

When I first came into contact with the Bell chain, I was just wondering why it would rise so hard, and whether there is still a profit to enter.

So I spent three days reading almost all the information related to the Bell chain and climbing the data on the block chain of nearly one million lines.

Playing the funds and Zhuang shares is tantamount to bloody at the tip of the knife.

But frankly, in the past three days, many users who have seen the early admission have already earned a lot of money, watching the crazy enthusiasm that has been recharged, watching the BRC price that has been oscillating at a high level, I am Knowing that the long-term value of the project is almost zero, it has been driven by greed. There have been several impulses to recharge the "Super Rich" and "Global City" and enjoy the thrill of the knife.

Three days later, when all the data was in front of me, I lamented that the project was highly skilled and decided to give up the project. The reason is simple – the selling pressure is too heavy, I am not sure if the demon who danced with me will decide to give up the support after I have retired.

The knife tip is bloody, it must be greedy, but it must be rational.

Data and analysis are tools to help me overcome greed. Now, I will share this weapon with you, hoping to give a sword to the warriors who are bloody, and also to those who are hesitant.

Finally, I would like to thank DashDap's Scarlett students for helping me turn these cold numbers into something that everyone can understand. I also thank Shaw's Xiao Hua students for answering my technical questions at 12 o'clock in the middle of the night.

The wallet address and more complete analysis report mentioned in the article can be downloaded and received in the article "Bell Chain Analysis Report v0.01" .

Thanks for reading, I wish you all live long and prosper.