Blockchain investment agency Multicoin has invested 143% in the past two years

Multicoin Capital, a Texas-based blockchain investment agency, has achieved an investment income of approximately 143% over the past two years (early October 2017 to end of October 2019), and currently manages approximately $ 100 million in assets, including 11 Tokens traded on the secondary market and equity in 20 blockchain startups. Established in January 2017, Multicoin Capital is a hedge fund company that focuses on investment theme driven investment methods. Its founding partners are Kyle Samani and Tushar Jai, the fund's limited partners (LP) Including David Sacks and Bill Lee of Craft Ventures, Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon of a16z, Compound VC, Vy Capital, Passport Capital, Adam Zeplain of mark VC, Ari Paul of BlockTower, and Elad Gil, etc. Venture capital company and core personnel.