ATOM drops 9% in two days, or may be affected by the departure of Cosmos founder Rashomon

On February 3 and 4, the price of the ATOM token of the well-known cross-chain project Cosmos plummeted by 9%. Judging from the news, at the same time, rumors of a new stove by the project's founders were raging.

On January 29th, a Twitter netizen stated that Jas Kwon, CEO of Cosmos, was about to leave to work in Virgo, a project that provides open source collaborative technology.

Jae stepped forward to clarify. He further explained on Twitter that he will not leave Cosmos now, but will wait for the stability of the Cosmos network, and then continue to work as a member of Parliament at Cosmos' ICF (Interchain Foundation, which manages Cosmos). In addition, Jae said that Cosmos can now run independently without him. In order to govern Cosmos, he is currently studying the AIB process.

But things reversed again. Zaki Manian, another core member of Cosmos and director of Tendermint Labs, fired at Jae on Twitter, exposing a lot of information.

First, Zaki Manian believes Jae's departure plan is to evade responsibility.

Secondly, for Jago's upcoming Virgo, Zaki Manian revealed that in the past 6 months, Jae has over-focused on Virgo and even opened two new tweets @BitcoinJaesus and @Jaesustein on Twitter and interacted with them to increase Virgo's attention. As a result, I was too decentralized, and Ignored the Cosmos cross-chain protocol IBC, which caused insufficient investment in IBC resources. Many talented engineers left the company, which made the core software development team seriously inadequate.

"In the past month, Jae has flooded every internal communication channel with religious discrimination, loyalty testing, and growl. Ultimately, all his skills for building fault-tolerant systems have made him a single point of failure in the team." Zaki Manian There seems to be a lot of complaints.

He continued that his goal in the next few months was to stop Jae from continuing to delay Cosmos, and called on all members of the Cosmos community, including the foundation and the Cosmos verification node, to end this situation and ensure that the cross-chain protocol IBC would be without him. Go offline. "Even if Jae fires me, I will tirelessly help build IBC."

Zaki Manian's submission was loud, but unfortunately, Jae did not respond further.

Interestingly enough, Harriet, co-founder of IRISnet, said something for Jae.

She told Odaily Planet that Jae's departure from Cosmos was inaccurate. Jae values ​​the application chain of the Cosmos ecosystem. If you look at Twitter, he started Virgo last October, a Cosmos ecological project focusing on DAO. Jae also explained that he will continue to participate in the management and strategic work of ICF and Tendermint. At the same time, Virgo is a daughter project in his opinion, helping more people participate in Cosmos, and at the same time supporting the better development of Cosmos.

It is reported that since Cosmos was successfully launched on the mainnet in March last year, the Jae and Tendermint (All in Bits) teams entered the final stage-the development of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. The protocol will allow any blockchain using the Cosmos SDK to easily connect to the Cosmos Hub. In other words, IBC is essential for Cosmos to realize its vision of "block internet." If Jae is truly multi-tasking, even if he wants to pick things up as Zaki Manian said, it will definitely have a great impact on the progress of the project.

It takes time to verify right and wrong. At present, the price of ATOM has rebounded, and it is temporarily quoted at 4.2 USDT.