Zhu Jiaming: Blockchain is a bridge connecting the traditional world and the digital world

On January 20, the 2020 Digital Economy and Blockchain Symposium and the Founding Conference of the Digital Assets (Chongqing) Research Institute were held in Chongqing. Professor Zhu Jiaming, Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Research Institute and the leader of the Expert Group of the Digital Investment Research Center of the China Investment Association, said at the meeting that although most people now have difficulty understanding the digital figures that they have begun to understand and experience the physical world. Economic society, but the advent and gradual dominance of the digital economy society does not depend on whether we understand and understand its essence. In addition, Zhu Jiaming hopes that, instead of simply understanding the blockchain as a technology that can be applied to certain scenarios, the blockchain has a deep scientific foundation and a large space for development. It will be a link between the traditional world and the digital world. bridge.