Inventory | Analysis of those exciting market conditions

Let's first look at the analysis of a few exciting coins.

Delayed delivery of the mining machine, compared with the issue of new shares by the stock, can be seen as affecting the mining output of Bitcoin, and then the price of the currency has risen? !! This is how much you don't know about bitcoin common sense before you can make such a ridiculous analysis .

The most basic output principle of Bitcoin: One block is produced every ten minutes, and one block is fixed to produce bitcoin according to the rule of halving for a period of time. Currently, one block generates 12.5 bitcoins every 10 minutes. Regardless of whether there is only one mining machine in the world or countless mining machines are mining together, this generation pattern remains unchanged. Therefore, the more mining machines compete for mining, the more monks and the less porridge, the more difficult the mining is. The mining machine affects the mining difficulty and does not affect the amount of coins! !!

Uncle Kai was drunk when he saw this kind of divine analysis. Forgive this analysis came from the brokerage firm China and belong to a complete layman. However, the same is true of the professional financial media in the currency industry, which is unforgivable.

Can miners reduce the supply of new coins? This is really surprising.

There are several statements in the market recently. Uncle Kai is not strange and can't speak up. Don't bother to find the source of the original text, I must have seen it:

1) Bitcoin is comparable to gold and is a safe haven, so it must rise.

Bitcoin and gold haven't had much correlation since 2017. Bitcoin is no longer the best choice for hedging tools. On the contrary, it is a risky investment with huge fluctuations. If you really want to find hedging in the currency circle, stable currencies such as USDT are considered.

2) Institutions entered the market with a big increase. Bitcoin must have risen. The reason is that after 9 pm, the transaction volume increased significantly, indicating that overseas institutions began to buy and sell.

The increase in trading volume in the evening is not necessarily an overseas institution. Almost all night owls are in the currency circle around Uncle Kai. Overseas institutions generally enter positions on CME and BAKK. These positions show that institutions have not entered the market recently.

3) Recently, Baidu's Baidu public opinion and search index have increased several times compared to last week.

Compared with last week? Last week was the Spring Festival + epidemic situation, and all the hotspots were concentrated on this. That particular time to make a reference is either stupid or bad.

4) The central bank released 1.2 trillion yuan of water, and sufficient funds drove the currency price up.

The 1.2 trillion yuan of the central bank will not flow into the currency circle. This short-term counter-cyclical operation in response to emergencies is mainly to prevent runs and to prevent liquidity risks of large financial institutions and banks. Money is in the hands of institutions, not in the hands of individuals. These liquidities haven't even pulled up the stock market, and they are still looking to rescue the currency circle? !! Really think too much. On the contrary, the epidemic affects the economy, but it will bring financial pressure, which is not a good thing for the currency circle.

The market is a collection of transactions. There are different opinions when there are transactions. Any market has long and short positions, so transactions will occur. Therefore, it is normal to have different views on the market, but no matter what the views are, can you have some basic knowledge before putting them forward, so that it is a bit convincing.

Many analysis articles in the currency circle, too many Wishful thinking, buttocks determine the head, can not stand any rigorous scrutiny.

Some conscientious advice to the currency people: Now that the currency circle has entered the stock game, there is not much new capital to enter the market. Currently, the stock game is mainly a stock game. If you do n’t have the basic analysis ability and you believe without reading your own quotes, then you are most likely to be cut leek. This is the so-called “IQ tax”.

In general, we advise everyone to practice more internal skills, taking advantage of the epidemic situation, everyone has a lot of time, read more books and learn more. When I have time, I will share with you a brief book review of several books on digital currency that I have recently read.