Cosmos Foundation ICF statement: effective measures are in place and Cosmos is not owned by either party

The InterChain Foundation (ICF), a foundation that supports the cross-chain project Cosmos development and ecological construction, issued a statement stressing that Cosmos is a sustainable network. The primary task of ICF is to ensure the long-term stability, security, and continuous growth of the Cosmos network. The foundation said that the recent dispute about Comos founder Jae Kwon will not affect the operation of ICF. ICF's decision-making and financial management involve multiple people. Effective control measures are in place, so no one can take it unilaterally. As a result, ICF will continue to operate financing plans, fund management, and conduct business as usual. The ICF also stated that the Cosmos network belongs to everyone and is not owned, controlled or operated by any party. ICF will continue to support this decentralized community based on its mandate, and ICF's role is to work on the sustainability of the Cosmos ecosystem.