Analysis shows: "half-price" currency on-chain indicators in January performed well overall

According to Tokenview analysis, a number of "halving market" currencies performed well on the on-chain indicators in January 2020. In terms of the number of newly added and active addresses of network fundamentals, Bitcoin still steadily tops the list with absolute advantages. Ethereum and Dash entered the top three, while Ethereum Classic and BSV also ranked in the top ten. The good performance of Dash, Ethereum Classic and other "half currencies" in this fundamental data may mean that there is still much room for growth in the market outlook. The POS / DPOS consensus camp is excellent in terms of the number of blocks produced and the number of transactions. IOST, EOS, and TRON are ranked in the top three in the total number of blocks produced in the whole network in January, which also reflects the advantages of POS / DOPS networks in terms of transaction speed.