Breaking off is the strongest self-discipline development of the blockchain

Author 丨 Ming Xi

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Editor's note: "Breaking off" is a concept introduced by Japanese debris management consultant Hideko Yamashita:

Off: Don't buy or charge anything you don't need;

She: Dispose of useless things piled up at home;

Leaving: Give up the obsession with material, and let yourself be in a spacious, comfortable and free space.

Breaking away is a simplified lifestyle, a top-level self-discipline, and the ultimate pursuit of freedom.

When the blockchain encounters discontinuation, what kind of experience will we gain?

Broken: Blocking messy conceptualization

"The sweetfish that could swim in clean streams has gradually become an embarrassed catfish near the silt mouth of the sink."

-"Breaking Round"

At present, in the large water tank of the blockchain industry, the so-called new concepts, new projects, new tricks are continuously flowing from the water inlet named "Broken", and all newness will be turbid in this water, named " The water outlet of She was blocked by the rust of interest.

It is understood that the total number of virtual cryptocurrency projects included by since September 2017 has been close to 2,000. Since the middle of 2018, the market value of most virtual cryptocurrencies has returned to zero, and 518 projects have died in 2019. Among them, the projects that cut leek and ran roads accounted for more than 50%, and the projects that were ultimately unsuccessful accounted for more than 30%.

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Bell Chain achieved a 158-fold surge through a multi-level promotion model; VDS achieved a 100-fold surge with the resonance mode and CX mode; transactions are mining, equity is mining, cloud disk mining, consumer mining and other new types of " "Make money model"; the gorgeous coats of financing such as IMO, IFO, IEO, STO, DAICO, the trendy concept is injected into the water tank of the blockchain like a tide, this state has become the normal state of the industry, the public has turned a blind eye to this, and eventually the blockchain It will become a "sludged water storage tank".

Blockchain practitioners should give play to their subjective initiative, dare to "break", cut off the water inlet of the water storage tank, and block the cluttered concept of sneaking into the industry again, otherwise, a pool of water will become more and more muddled.

"Anyway, try jumping out of the cistern where the garbage waste is trapped!"

-"Breaking Round"

To give up: hard to give up, get what you deserve

"To get back to healthy space in the future, you have to throw away a lot of things from the beginning."

-"Breaking Round"

In Q4 2019, the industry talked about "the application of blockchain", finance, medical care, public welfare, government affairs, energy, trade, supply chain, education, blockchain + in-depth industries, began to discuss "help …" "empowerment "…" "Promote …", in the process, the voices about "2020 will usher in the development of blockchain industrialization."

As if the blockchain industry has reached a general consensus: on the premise that the technology is gradually maturing and the application is gradually promoted, blockchain technology will eventually help the society to build a solution to data and system security issues (encrypted attributes), and ensure social data and identity Authenticity (traceable and immutable), and a super chain that optimizes social business processes (smart contracts).

Blockchain will become a social infrastructure like transportation, energy, and the Internet, connecting everything in the "chain."

This has been repeatedly spread by blockchain practitioners, experts, and the media, and has become a "sense" for the actual landing and large development of the industry with extreme demand. The back of this "sense" is to hope to "make a lot of money" in the next air outlet. Full bowl. "

We must emphasize that the blockchain is essentially an application of distributed computing, not a disruptive new technology.

Blockchain technology uses cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access. However, the application of blockchain technology in any industry cannot solve the data and system security problems. It can only provide operations to solve the problem of secure data transmission and access security in this industry. The possibilities and inspiration.

Blockchain technology uses a blockchain-type data structure to verify and store data, and uses distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, which means that blockchain technology can ensure the authenticity of online data and identities. However, the blockchain cannot solve the problem of data consistency between online and offline, and cannot guarantee the consistency between data and physical objects.

Blockchain technology uses smart contracts composed of automated script code to program and manipulate data. On the basis that all nodes on the chain store the same data, any business process will be optimized to improve the efficiency of work on the chain. However, just as every transaction of Bitcoin is broadcast on the entire network, any bookkeeping node has the right to choose the record. This complex process must be inefficient.

Those who can't do it have become the mountains that are pushing the blockchain forward. At present, the new public and alliance chains have not achieved any dazzling results in the process of all-inclusive development. On the contrary, the high energy consumption and low return of the blockchain have become a fatal problem hindering the development of the industry.

Moving forward with a heavy load is bound to be difficult.

Abandon the lingering obsessions, and give up the unrealistic myths.

Li: Rational understanding of the true value of blockchain

"The necessary things to get the necessary weight at the necessary moment."

-"Breaking Round"

Looking at the laws of industrial ecological development, the blockchain has passed the development of the "concept" of the coin, the "structure" of the chain, and the "content" of the scene. It is undergoing the "application" phase of the industry and will eventually achieve industrial scale standardization in the future.

In the first and second stages, the market size of the $ 200 billion virtual cryptocurrency was most easily perceived by society and C-end users. The altcoin, air currency, and capital disk's rounds of bombing completed the promotion and popularization of the blockchain concept. During this period, the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency industry completed basic market layout and investment education, and formed a basic industry form.

In the following development process, in order to seize the dividend, the blockchain technology was once deified, becoming the best choice to solve the pain points of various industries. However, from the industry incubation period to the climax period, in addition to cryptocurrencies, the social awareness and perception of the blockchain is extremely low. Except for the obscure technical terms, the blockchain has not brought new life and production. Value growth.

The biggest difference between blockchain technology and the Internet lies in the business logic. Any Internet product basically takes C-side users and traffic as its survival rules, and implements resource integration through C-side aggregation, which not only improves individual consumption efficiency, but also improves social operation efficiency. .

For example, Taobao, which we are familiar with, connects sellers and buyers with different needs. These ports speed up the sales and shopping process through a centralized system, enabling three stores to be compared accurately. Similar systems not only improve single-point efficiency, but also improve the efficiency of the entire business process. However, the application of blockchain technology will be attached to the Internet system, and it will face more B-side customers.

Blockchain technology and products are based on the principles of innovation and reengineering business processes and solving the pain points of the industry. The top-down customer acquisition logic has caused low social perception so far.

Since it is a technology to solve the pain points, the real realization of the "fame" of the blockchain will definitely satisfy two points: the industry pain points are " painful " enough ! Blockchain can be " medical to cure " !

At present, the practice of entrepreneurial blockchain companies trying to open the market through the token economy is not the best choice. The token incentives stimulate consumer ends and accelerate the circulation of goods in the ecology. It can only be said that this is the deepening of Internet marketing. Not really blockchain technology applications.

The so-called creation of new value, blockchain technology can only achieve a real breakthrough in the process of making incremental reforms in the society, and in the process of transforming or building another system.

Breaking off: Blockchain solutions are on the horizon

"Abandonment is the means to restore the original freedom of life."

-"Breaking Round"

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus infection pneumonia, the epidemic reflection has never stopped:

Some pain, unforgettable; how to stop pain, never more pain!

Among them, the construction of "digital government" and "smart city" has been called again and again.

As credit involves corporate privacy protection, data credibility, and division of responsibilities, Internet credit reporting is difficult. Specific cities, counties, and districts cannot update and protect residents' identity data in real time to establish their own credit systems.

In this emergency, the Internet determined the action path of a few tens of thousands of people through all data such as surveillance cameras, communication operators, credit cards, and Alipay, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, it was necessary to open a national tracking personal information path. There is no cross-regional, cross-sectoral database that can protect the privacy of individuals. This is a big loss for us.

However, building an internet credit model based on blockchain technology and linking provincial and municipal credit data will solve the pain points of internet credit.

In the specific implementation process, a multi-point service model of blockchain technology will be presented. For example, based on blockchain technology, a smart city big data interoperability platform for privacy computing, a basic platform for mutual trust and interoperability of the Internet of Things, a smart city identity recognition system, Urban citizen credit platform, foreign population management system, etc. Comprehensively open up the interconnection of urban data and identity value information, solve problems such as database independence, non-interconnection, difficult collaboration, and waste of resources. On the basis of the same database, data interoperability, convenient collaboration, and convenient management are implemented, thereby improving the use of the entire city effectiveness.

(Running Financial Mapping)

Please be clear, no matter how complex the system is, the application mode of blockchain technology is nothing more than: establishing the information foundation and trust foundation of the value Internet; providing a point-to-point transparent and reliable value transmission protocol for the value Internet; and building intelligent services on the Internet mode.

It used to be for us, but not urgently needed. However, under the influence of this epidemic, the reorganization of the traditional organizational management process by the blockchain will operate and develop strongly in the complex and unsuitable. We need not only more efficient, but also new collaborative relationships. It needs to be emphasized that the proposed solution based on blockchain technology is not completed by a single blockchain technology, but is based on "on-chain" technology integration and upgrade, including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Next-generation information technology such as networking.

Breaking away, in the course of the nationwide anti-epidemic, the blockchain is participating in it, giving up the superficial surface, recognizing the true mission and helping to move forward better.