Monthly Report | Global Blockchain Private Equity Financing Declined 80% in January, Sino-US Market Cooled Down

Author: Mutual chain pulse · Liangshan Huarong

Affected by the Spring Festival holiday and the new coronavirus, the global blockchain capital market cooled sharply in January 2020.

According to the statistics of the Interchain Pulse Institute (IPRI), in January 2020, a total of 32 financings were obtained in the global blockchain field, with a financing amount of approximately 705 million yuan, a 78.8% decline from the previous quarter.

Especially in the Chinese market, the popularity of blockchain investment and financing has dropped to an all-time low. Of the 32 financing incidents in January, there were only 5 domestic financing projects with a financing amount of about 80 million yuan, a decrease of 52.1% from the previous quarter.

The US block chain investment and financing market, which has the strongest ability to absorb gold, also experienced a significant cooling.

Interlink Pulse Institute (IPRI) statistics show that in January 2020, there were 9 financing events in the US market with a financing amount of about 223 million yuan, a decrease of 92.8% from the previous quarter.

From the perspective of financing project rounds, about 40% of the projects are in round A and before, of which seed / angel round projects are the most, accounting for 25%. Second is strategic investment and M & A projects, which account for 34% and 25% respectively. There are basically no B-round and later projects, and the entire investment and financing market is still in its early stages.

From the perspective of industry distribution, in January, capital's most favored projects were mainly concentrated in three major areas: exchanges, finance and technical services.

According to the statistics of the Interlink Pulse Institute (IPRI), in January 2020, a total of 8 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world received financing, but only 3 exchange projects disclosed specific financing amounts, and the financing amounts were all at the level of 10 million yuan.

Among them, the larger financing amounts include the Singapore Digital Stock Exchange iStox and GCOXIN Exchange, both of which received US $ 5 million (about 35 million yuan) and millions of US dollars in financing; the US cryptocurrency derivatives exchange LedgerX also Raised $ 4 million (about RMB 28 million) in financing.

In the financial sector, a total of 6 projects were financed in January, with a total financing amount of 229 million yuan, accounting for about 32.5%.

Among them, Thailand's Lightnet, a fintech company specializing in cross-border payments, raised the largest amount of financing, and obtained 31.2 million US dollars (about 219 million yuan) in financing. This is also the largest single-chain financing project in January. The financing amount of other financial projects is not large, and they are all around one million yuan.

In the field of technical services, a total of 5 projects received financing in January, with a financing amount of about 167 million yuan, and these projects were mainly concentrated abroad.

Among them, the larger financing amount includes the US startup Securrency, which focuses on providing compliance and strategy execution tools, and received US $ 17.65 million (about RMB 124 million) in financing; the Optimism project focusing on Ethereum expansion solutions was Raised 3.5 million US dollars (about 25 million yuan) financing; in addition, the British blockchain data service provider Measure Protocol also received 2 million pounds (about 18 million yuan) financing.

In addition to the three major areas mentioned above, many projects in the corporate services sector also received financing in January.

For example, Keystore, a Hong Kong project focused on crypto asset services, received US $ 10 million (about RMB 70 million) in Pre-A rounds of financing; US-based cryptocurrency tax compliance company TaxBit also received $ 5 million (about RMB 35 million). USD) financing.

In addition, there are also some scattered projects in the fields of energy, entertainment and social content. Among them, the larger financing amount includes the UK's Vakt project focused on energy commodity trading platforms, which received US $ 5 million (about 35 million yuan) in financing; South Korean blockchain game developer SuperTree received 17.35 million yuan in financing In addition, Singapore's blockchain social platform Hailang also received US $ 3 million (about US $ 21 million) in financing.

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