Research shows that 88% of more than 60,000 closed non-cooperative channels on the Lightning Network are disclosed by value

According to AMBCrypto, BitMEX research shows that more than 60,000 non-cooperative channels have been closed on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, of which 72% are public channels and the rest are private channels. BitMEX re-examines these closures based on the value of Bitcoin rather than metrics based on the number of channels. 60,000 non-cooperative channel closure transactions cost 1070 bitcoins, of which 993 bitcoins are related to public channels, and the remaining 131 bitcoins are reserved for private channels. According to BitMEX data, 88% of channels are open by value, while 72% of channels are open by number of channels. Compared to private channels, this reflects the dominance of public channels. However, the number of non-cooperative closures far exceeded expectations, as the expected number was 30,000.