Reddit user claims nearly 80,000 bitcoins in a wallet related to stolen Mt. Gox

According to U.Today, Reddit user jwinterm recently posted that a bitcoin wallet related to the theft of Mt. Gox has held nearly 80,000 bitcoins since 2011. Since then, these Bitcoins have not been moved, and by 2020, the address has recorded more small transactions. Jwinterm stated that on March 1, 2011, 79,956 bitcoins were transferred to this address. After that, many small bitcoins were sent to this address. So far, this address has a total of 79,957.20 BTC, or about $ 780 million. jwinterm went on to speculate that all other transactions made with this wallet are random, generally for "expressing gratitude, respect, worship, etc.", and the amount of BTC sent is minimal compared to the first transaction.