Jaguar Land Rover developers explain how to get cryptocurrency rewards by reporting road conditions

According to SiliconRepublic, Aaron Hetherington, a software developer on Jaguar Land Rover's Distributed Ledger Technical Team, the UK's largest automaker, explained how drivers can get cryptocurrency rewards by reporting road issues. Hetherington said Jaguar Land Rover's technology can track when and where a vehicle hits a pothole on the road, so repair details can be sent to local councils in the UK and Ireland. He added: "Of course, there are rewards for finding these bad road conditions. With cryptocurrencies like IOTA, we can send rewards directly to customers." By having the car automatically report the road conditions to the navigation provider or local authorities Data such as traffic congestion or potholes, drivers will receive cryptocurrency points that can be used to automatically pay tolls, parking and charging fees. In April 2019, Jaguar Land Rover said it was testing software designed to allow its car drivers to receive cryptocurrency IOTA as a reward for sharing data. It is reported that the company is developing "smart wallet" technology to install in its cars. It is unclear when it will be available.