Cryptocurrency financing in January: ICO, IEO amount rose slightly month-on-month, STO shaved head for 5 consecutive months

According to the mutual chain pulse news, the total amount of cryptocurrency financing in January was US $ 20 million, an increase of 32.94% from the data in December 2019. However, compared to the data of US $ 302 million in January 2019 and US $ 1.289 billion in January 2018, cryptocurrency financing remains sluggish. Among them, although the ICO and IEO financing data increased slightly, the STO financing amount has been zero for five consecutive months. At the year-end summary in 2019, Interchain Pulse had pointed out that the three major issuing models of ICO, IEO, and STO all have heartbeats, but they are no longer angry, and the data in January also further confirmed this judgment.