April 29th market analysis: Bitcoin long and short shocks are difficult to divide

The recent currency circle has laughter and tears. Some people are responsible for laughter, some people are responsible for tears, maybe you find yourself responsible for tears, don't force smiles! The K-line cycle has not changed, whether it is 5330, 5250 long and short single-day switch, or 5200 to 5300 Roller coaster, the person who missed will eventually miss, the person who made the mistake is still doing wrong, 5250 once again became the bully attacker, Bitt went to the high point of 5250 in the evening, the whole market is still in shock, no matter 5250, Or the 5330 will be the harvest of joy.

Let's go back to the disk first. The bitcoin price has been adjusted from the highest point of 5605 to the recent low of 5150. After that, it has basically been consolidating around 5300. As of today, it is the fourth day of consolidation around 5300. On the daily line graph, the 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average, and the 20-day moving average are close to each other. Laos believes that the high probability of this time period will be a daily trend.

On the hourly line, the sideways trend of Bitcoin is very small, and several short-term moving averages are intertwined. This is already a sign that shocks to the extreme, and the unilateral is ready to go!

Ethereum is also the focus of the layout. Before the strong fall below 150, the Ethereum price began to make short-term upward corrections. Ethereum rose to resistance levels of $154 and 155. The pair climbed to a level of 160, but struggled a lot near the 158 level and the 100-hour simple moving average. The price broke through the 159 level and has recently started a new decline. It broke the support levels of 155 and 154.

From the recent 146USDT to a swing high of 149, it broke the recent volatility of the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement. In addition, the support on the Ethereum hourly chart is located at $155, breaking through the downtrend channel. The pair tested the recent volatility of the 50% Fibonacci retracement, from a swing low of $146 to a swing high of $149. On the downside, a break below the $152 level could open a loss that is significantly below the $150 support level. The next key support is $146, below which it is likely to test $142.

On the upside, there is a key line of bearish trend line that forms a resistance at $155 on the same chart. Above the trend line, the main resistance is around $156 and the 100-hour moving average. The market's breakthrough in the old-fashioned summary is that the resistance of $156 may push the price to the resistance of $160. If the buyer gains more than $160 in control, the price may rise back above $166. For the time being, Ethereum prices clearly face many obstacles near $155 and $156. If the successful close above $156 and above the 100-hour moving average, the bears may fall back in the short term. If not, it is possible to fall sharply to the level of $146 or $142.


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