Litecoin Foundation Wang Xinxi: The epidemic has a greater impact on the cash flow of mining machine manufacturers

During TokenInsight's online AMA event, Litecoin Foundation co-founder Wang Xinxi answered the question raised by Lianwen regarding "the impact of coronavirus affecting ASIC mining machine manufacturers' delayed shipments on project development", saying "if ASIC Everyone delays delivery, and the computing power should not have a big impact for the time being. However, once the epidemic is over, there may be a stage of soaring computing power. But because all miners are on an equal footing, everyone is eating together Loss. If only some ASICs are delayed and some ASICs continue to be shipped, the computing power will still increase, and it may put a lot of pressure on miners who cannot get new machines. In any case, for the miner manufacturers The flow of funds will have a greater impact. I hope they will have enough cash to keep the company running. "