Bytom client version 1.1.0 released, launching asynchronous verification transaction function pioneered by the original chain

On February 07, 2020, the new version v 1.1.0 of the Bytom Wallet wallet was released. Before updating the version, please backup the mnemonic and key to protect the security of the wallet. Highlights of this update:

1. Unique asynchronous verification transaction function (advantage of BUTXO model), which greatly optimizes the performance of verification and save blocks.

2. Developers can use the go module to manage the dependencies of bytom to facilitate the management of different versions.

3. Fixed the decimal type string as an integer in the create asset page to further improve the user experience.

It is worth mentioning that in this update, the asynchronous verification transaction function (the advantage of the BUTXO model) pioneered by the original chain can concurrently verify hundreds of transactions in the same block, greatly optimizing the performance of the verification and saving blocks.

Wallet download address: