Alipay endeavors to launch epidemic prevention materials information service platform, using blockchain to achieve full traceability

Source: Shanghai Securities News Shanghai Securities News (Reporter Wei Qian) Recently, Alipay launched the epidemic prevention information service platform, which can be seen by searching the same itinerary query function. It is reported that the Zhejiang Province Medical Materials Security Group has launched the first material requirements list, which includes medical masks, protective clothing, work caps, etc.

According to reports, unlike other material information platforms, this platform uses ant blockchain technology and is led by the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Construction Commission and the Economic and Information Department. It will review the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store them on the chain. . At the same time, Alipay also provides blockchain program power to the epidemic-related small program developers for free forever and special funding support.

Due to the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, medical rescue supplies in Hubei, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places are urgent, and the management, allocation and donation of supplies have also received strong attention. How to achieve multi-party point-to-point collaboration with transparent and efficient information throughout the process here is a prominent challenge. Taking material donation as an example, the flow of materials from the donor to the recipient includes warehousing, delivery, and confirmation of supply and demand. At present, integration has not been achieved in all aspects.

According to Alipay, the trust mechanism of the blockchain can bring credible connections, and every link and confirmation by the operator can be displayed on the chain. In the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the recipient of the material may not be the final recipient, and must be distributed through the unified management of a third party. However, no matter how many links go through, the blockchain's entire record is kept, the parties confirm that it can't be changed, and can be traced back efficiently.

Alipay's previous public information shows that the ant blockchain has been implemented in more than 40 scenarios in a variety of fields including public welfare, government affairs, people's livelihood, and supply chain finance.

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