SheKnows | Meng Yan: Research and Deploy a National Donation and Emergency Material Tracking Management Blockchain Platform ASAP

On the afternoon of February 7th, SheKnows opened the first debate of the year-encountering the epidemic "black swan", the "danger" and "opportunity" of the blockchain were officially held. Meng Yan, the Deputy Dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute, suggested that a national donation and emergency material tracking management blockchain platform be researched and deployed as soon as possible. It can certainly manage and dispatch donations and disaster relief materials more efficiently than the current tools. "He also pointed out that the blockchain can significantly reduce the verification cost, and the open blockchain can self-certify and innocence, so verify this one. Things are open to users and everyone, and information is given to you, you can verify it yourself. This is a prominent advantage of the blockchain. So far there is no second technology that can do this. Note: Add the WeChat luofengyu09, reply to "SK" to enter the group, and you can talk face to face with the boss.