Analysis: Easy to see shares in 2018 blockchain business revenue is only 666,000 yuan, not 260 million yuan

On the afternoon of April 28, Yijian shares released the first quarterly report for 2019. From January to March, the company achieved operating income of 2.276 billion yuan, down 48.69% year-on-year. Yi Jian shares explained that the decline in revenue was mainly due to the development of blockchain business. In addition, the blockchain-related business revenue disclosed by the company's 2018 annual report was 260 million yuan. However, another data from the annual report of the company disclosed the truth. The revenue from its information services was 666,000 yuan and the interest income was 259.6 million yuan. The sum of the two is 260 million yuan. In other words, the real service fee that Yijian shares obtained due to the blockchain is only 666,000 yuan. The rest is actually the interest income generated by operating the supply chain finance. This part of the income is not available in the blockchain.