SheKnows | Jiang Chun: Lessons from the epidemic may speed up the construction of blockchain-based data infrastructure

On the afternoon of February 7th, SheKnows opened the first debate of the year-encountering the epidemic "black swan", the "danger" and "opportunity" of the blockchain were officially held. Pu Chun Capital Management Partner Jiang Chun said that it is unfair to say that the blockchain has no effect in the epidemic. Just like everyone knows the story of "the end of the cone in the cone", now the blockchain is not in the "pocket" and has not started to use, naturally there is no way to have an effect. The blockchain is really “getting it in the pocket, but it stands out from the rest, it ’s nothing special.” The lesson from this epidemic is painful, but painstaking thinking may accelerate the construction of a blockchain-based data infrastructure. . Note: Add the WeChat luofengyu09, reply to "SK" to enter the group, and you can talk face to face with the boss.