SheKnows | Jiang Chun: The establishment of the national IT system may achieve a small climax in the construction of blockchain

On the afternoon of February 7th, SheKnows opened the first debate of the year-encountering the epidemic "black swan", the "danger" and "opportunity" of the blockchain were officially held. Pu Chun Capital Management Partner Jiang Chun said that to replicate a good governance structure, it is limited to rely on several good officials, and the mechanism established by computer systems will be more effective. Therefore, it can be expected that after a mature IT service management IT system is established in a locality, it can be copied to improve the national management level. He also said that if this is true, it may be a small climax of blockchain construction. Note: Add the WeChat luofengyu09, reply to "SK" to enter the group, and you can talk face to face with the boss.