SheKnows | Jiang Chun: New Crown virus epidemic exposes inadequate social governance and will bring new opportunities to the blockchain

On the afternoon of February 7th, SheKnows opened the first debate of the year-encountering the epidemic "black swan", the "danger" and "opportunity" of the blockchain were officially held. Pu Chun Capital Management Partner Jiang Chun said that the general direction of the blockchain to B and to G will not change. After the epidemic, the country should be more determined to strengthen the ability of digital society governance through blockchain. He also pointed out that just like SARS has brought opportunities to e-commerce, this new crown epidemic has exposed many deficiencies in social governance and will bring many new opportunities to the blockchain. This so-called opportunity is actually a historical responsibility. We blockchain companies have to shoulder this responsibility and use the power of technology to make the future better. Note: Add the WeChat luofengyu09, reply to "SK" to enter the group, and you can talk face to face with the boss.