SheKnows Preview | New Year's Eve Debate: The Pain of Entrepreneurship, How Can the Blockchain Team Live Through Life and Death?

When everyone was preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival, "new type of coronary pneumonia" became an uninvited guest, closing the city, closing the business, and isolating … crazy attacks on almost all industries in the country. Blockchain companies have acted one after another, making donations, donating materials, and the Quartet raising medical supplies, doing everything in their power to contribute to this "war epidemic." So what is the impact of this war epidemic on the blockchain industry? What impact will the epidemic bring to the industry? What are the tough challenges for startups and can they survive them?

At 8 pm on February 7, SheKnows kicked off the opening debate. Wu Xiao, the founder of Pure White Matrix, Ma Chenglong, the co-founder of Yibi Technology, and Liu Bo, the CEO of Defang Zhilian, will be guests of Babbitt ’s first community interactive interview column, SheKnows. Life and death? "To discuss.

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