Getting started with blockchain | Let EOS lie down and “mining” REX deployment

Recently, the word Staking Economy has been very popular in the industry. Before the publication , it also published the basic knowledge of Staking , the future market value of tens of billions of dollars, and the risks.

After reading the article, many people ran to ask Dabai: Why does EOS in my wallet make a mortgage and vote for the node, but there is no income? In fact, in the EOS ecosystem, nodes cannot directly benefit EOS voters, otherwise they constitute a " bribery election ."

If there is no income, EOS is always in inflation, is the EOS in the wallet not "depreciated" in disguise? The good news is that it won't take long for EOS to deploy REX , and EOS in the wallet can safely manage money and lay down to make money.

REX, the full name is Resource Exchange, which is the resource trading platform. REX was first proposed by EOS founder BM on August 2, 2018. After several rounds of testing, it has now entered the final voting session and won the approval of more than 15 super nodes, which will be on the EOS blockchain. deploy.

The essence of REX is DEX, which consists of smart contracts, but only deals with EOS resources (CPU resources and NET resources).

What do the ordinary EOS holders need to do?

For example, suppose there are 1000 EOSs in the big white wallet, and REX is already online. First, Dabai needs to vote for the node to use REX. After the vote is completed, Dabai needs to “recharge” 1000 EOSs into the REX reserve fund pool in exchange for REX Token. REX Token represents the right to use EOS resources, and you can lease your EOS resources to others (a lease period of 30 days).

REX's rental income is automatically adjusted by the system through supply and demand in the market. Even if Dabai rents resources to others, EOS still lies in his own wallet and still enjoys various airdrop benefits.

REX can not only help EOS holders to earn revenue, but also help DApp developers reduce the cost burden. With REX, DApp developers can purchase EOS, mortgage EOS in exchange for resources and withstand the risk of EOS price fluctuations, and can directly rent EOS resources through REX, significantly reducing development costs.

After REX goes online, will you lend idle EOS resources to others for income? why? Welcome to tell Dabai in the message area.



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