SheKnows opens big debate 丨 Blockchain has the opportunity to help us establish more types of resource allocation methods, and the large-scale application of blockchain in 2020 will be faster

On the afternoon of February 7, Babbitt held the first SheKnows opening debate-encountering the epidemic "black swan" and the "crisis" and "opportunity" of the blockchain. In this interview, Meng Yan (Vice President of Digital Asset Research Institute) and Jiang Chun (Puhua Capital Management Partner) were invited to discuss the impact of the epidemic on the blockchain industry. Here is a wonderful summary of this issue of SheKnows:
1. The most affected companies are not listed companies, but small, medium and micro enterprises.
2. One of the means of the Chinese government to regulate the economy counter-cyclically is to carry out infrastructure construction, and the infrastructure construction is shifting to new infrastructure with digital and intelligent infrastructure as the core. These places are where blockchain companies can show their skills.
3. In the face of disasters, in the face of the scarcest medical, pharmaceutical and other resources, blockchain and tokens have the opportunity to help us establish new ways of resource allocation.
4. We urgently need a transparent mechanism to rebuild people's confidence in the government and charity. This is the significance of the mechanism. Blockchain can provide such a possibility technically.
5. After experiencing this epidemic, the country's determination to strengthen the ability of digital society governance through the blockchain should be strengthened, and the country will do more to promote the digitalization of government affairs and the blockchain.
6. If the epidemic situation is thoroughly controlled in the first half of the year, blockchain applications will accelerate and large-scale applications will land faster.
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