SheKnows New Year's Debate | Ma Chenglong: Blockchain needs to be established on a certain basis, and the corresponding infrastructure can play a role

On the evening of February 7, SheKnows opened the second debate of the year-"The pain of entrepreneurship, how can the blockchain team survive the death?" Was officially held. Ma Chenglong, co-founder of Yibi Technology, said that at present, the role of blockchain in this epidemic is completely invisible. On the one hand, there are actions at the national level after 1024, and the local or industry fields have not yet fully moved. In addition, the use of blockchain is based on a certain foundation and corresponding infrastructure is required. No shadow of the blockchain. On the other hand, because of the institutional mechanism, technology alone cannot solve any of the problems in the epidemic. It is necessary to look at the blockchain technology dialectically. How to integrate the blockchain in the entire rescue process after the epidemic? More robust, more credible, and more efficient.