Beijing Haidian District launches blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, expected to make first lender next week

Source: Beijing Commercial Daily

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Meng Fanxia Liu Yuyang) At present, in the context of a complex economic situation, small and medium-sized enterprises are generally facing difficulties in financing, expensive financing, and slow financing. The clearing of accounts owed to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises has also become the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Important decision deployment. On February 7, a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily learned that Haidian District established a "blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform" to realize the right through block chain technology, establish a long-term work mechanism for debt settlement, and meanwhile Enterprises provide financial services in the supply chain and strengthen capital support for the healthy and stable development of SMEs.

On February 7th, Shu Bilei, the director of the Industry Division 1 of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science City, said that in order to solve the problem of financing difficulties for SMEs, Haidian District conducted extensive research among government units, state-owned enterprises and SMEs, and formed the use of blockchain technology. Features such as immutability, multi-party consensus, etc., to achieve credible confirmation of rights and supervision of contract performance, and use this as an entry point to improve the supply chain financial services solution. At the same time, it is more convenient for SMEs to obtain the right to verify accounts and solve financing needs. Online processing platform.

It is understood that Haidian District, in conjunction with Beijing Financial Holding Group, Microchip Research Institute, and Baixin Bank, have jointly carried out platform development and construction work. The platform uses the "Beijing Micro and Micro Enterprise Financial Integrated Service Platform" established by Beijing Financial Holdings in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government as a unified entrance to realize the authority of government and state-owned enterprise procurement contract receivables through the underlying technology of the blockchain, and aggregate financing guarantees and assets. Management of various financial resources, to provide SMEs with comprehensive supply chain financial services quickly.

A reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily learned that the platform was officially launched on February 7, and a pilot project was launched in Haidian District. Haidian District SMEs can apply for confirmation of Haidian District government department procurement and district state-owned enterprise procurement contracts through the platform , And based on the confirmation of the right to initiate a financing application, it is expected that the first loan will be realized next week.

In fact, it is an old problem for small, medium and micro enterprises to find financing difficulties, expensive financing, and slow financing. However, when solving the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, banks also have pain points, including the failure of the companies to submit materials and the lack of corporate operating data. Difficult to make loans. At the meeting, Shu Bilei pointed out that the current financing channels for SMEs are mainly debt financing and equity financing, but for light assets and SMEs without fixed assets, their financing channels are mainly equity financing. Especially for technology companies, the demand for funds is often far from the amount that banks can release. The confirmation of the district government departments and state-owned enterprise procurement contracts through the platform will provide a new financing channel for SMEs, and it is a pure credit product under unsecured conditions.

As for the details of the platform's operation, Ren Changrui, executive vice president of the Beijing Micro-Core Edge Computing Research Institute, introduced five main characteristics. Including, leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology to solidify data on key performances of contract performance, forming a multi-node consensus, non-tamperable credible proof of authority, and defaulting on accounts and breaches of contract will also be documented on-chain, forming the entire process. Supervision; seamless connection of the whole process; various forms of financial services; continuous improvement of platform data support. At the same time, the platform also relies on the Beijing Enterprise Renewal Loan Acceptance Center to establish a right confirmation center to implement functions such as application acceptance, right issuance, and right confirmation supervision. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises that have obtained the right confirmation and have a good record of contract performance are preferred as financial institutions Reserve items for renewal loan business.

Ren Changrui said that in the next step, Haidian District will continue to optimize and upgrade according to the results of the pilot operation, enrich the platform functions, improve the constraint incentive mechanism and dispute mediation mechanism for the performance and implementation of the rights of both parties to the contract, and expand the pilot scope in an orderly manner according to the municipal government .