SheKnows New Year's Debate | How does the blockchain team survive the death of entrepreneurship?

Before the Spring Festival, Babbitt initiated the ultimate debate of SheKnows at the end of the year, and started discussions around "2020, the big change of the blockchain". At that time, it was not long before the "10.24 speech", and practitioners in the blockchain industry were full of confidence. Unexpectedly, there were unexpected events. During the Spring Festival, New Crown Virus pneumonia broke out from Wuhan, spreading rapidly across the country, and a national epidemic began.

Under the epidemic, the blockchain industry is also facing severe tests. What impact will the epidemic bring to the industry? What are the tough challenges for startups and can they survive them? What can the blockchain do to fight the epidemic?

In this context, on February 7, SheKnows held the opening debate on the theme of "2020, what do you think? What do you do?" At the second event, “How does the blockchain team survive life and death?”, We invited Wu Xiao, founder of Pure White Matrix, Ma Chenglong, co-founder of Yibi Technology, and Liu, founder and CEO of Defang Zhilian. Let us listen to the voices of the first-tier companies in the blockchain under the epidemic.

How to deal with the outbreak?

1. What was the epidemic situation you observed or experienced before and after the Spring Festival?

Wu Xiao : I'm in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The area here is okay, the supplies are sufficient, and the prices are normal. Our little partners also participated in and assisted Wuhan as much as possible, because we are technical staff and can do relatively little. We and the team of Professor Wang Ding of Soochow University have aggregated the information of telemedicine / online doctors , and turned on git synchronization update, which can help remote consultation in the outbreak partners, and avoid cross-infection offline. Almost 5,000 people have already come to see it. I hope that the technicians can also contribute to the small partners in the affected area, and if they can contribute more , they can contribute more . During the period, I often communicated with a few friends in Hubei, some in Wuhan and some in Huanggang. See what they lack, how can I help them.

Recently, I have read a lot of papers and discussed with some friends and academics. Some are medical related, some are related to the blockchain, and I will expand my knowledge reserve.

Ma Chenglong : The epidemic situation should be said to be beyond my imagination. Before the holiday, we just heard that it had not spread yet. The company's small partners bought tickets and traveled smoothly, including Hubei. It should be said that everyone did not pay much attention.

We have been on holiday since the 20th. At this time, the demand for masks and disinfectants has not been fully reflected, but we have carefully changed the travel mode from trains and airplanes to self-driving. The number of infected people and the closure of the city announced from Wuhan have been serious, but it is too late to purchase materials. There are two points before the festival: not paying attention and not preparing .

Since the Spring Festival, the media and the government have begun strict inspections and strict inspections. During the Spring Festival, masks are basically worn to keep a distance, and everyone pays attention to it. However, many materials are no longer available, including high-speed road closures, neighboring neighbours are isolated, and local supplies are in short supply, and rumors are also circulating. I didn't go out during this period, researching industry reports.

After watching the festival as a whole, everyone paid attention to purchasing, and I was looking for masks, disinfectants, gloves and other materials. I have been paying attention to the changes in the epidemic situation, and everyone has seen a lot of problems. I am thinking about the chemical reaction between social governance and the blockchain . At present, it is just a simple thinking.

Liu Bo : I spent the whole Spring Festival holiday in Shenzhen with my family. Originally there were short-term travel plans, but the trip was cancelled after the epidemic became severe. Because there are relatives in Wuhan at home, I am very worried about them, and often contact them, especially after I heard that many people have symptoms but could not receive treatment and effective isolation in time, which caused widespread spread and was very distressed.

At the beginning, I compared the epidemic with SARS in 2003. At that time, I was also in Shenzhen and experienced a shortage of supplies and social tension. I did not expect that the subsequent development of this epidemic is far more than that of SARS. I am really worried about Wuhan and also the impact on society and the economy. I think many of my friends were glad to have a few more days off at the beginning, but then I would really worry about personal safety and health, socioeconomics, and affect the company and work.

We have been working remotely since February 3. This week is actually very busy. We have done a lot of research and also communicated closely with government departments to add epidemic-related functions to our platform. I don't know when the future epidemic will end, but work must continue and I hope to return to normal as soon as possible. 2. Speaking of government departments, Liu Bo always mentioned that he had communicated closely with government departments this week. Can you share it?

Liu Bo : Government departments are currently undertaking the most important functions and roles in the epidemic, as well as pressure. What they are most concerned about is the epidemic situation, and they have no energy to think about what technology (blockchain) can do . However, they have a deep feeling that the data acquisition is not timely and the truth is not enough , so we actively contacted the Loudi City Government we cooperated with, and added a survey of enterprise conditions and SME financing support services on the financial service platform we built for Loudi. Government leaders are very supportive of this idea, but they also frankly say that there is no skill for them, so we say that this is something we tech companies do.

At present, local governments have successively issued corporate support policies related to the epidemic situation. Among them, financial support is still the focus, such as requiring no loans to SMEs and continuous loans; reducing financing difficulties, reducing financing costs, and establishing loan insurance support or risk compensation mechanisms. Relying on traditional administrative methods, it is difficult to implement policies. At the same time, in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, offline business should also be minimized. By using the Internet platform to collect corporate information online, it can avoid crowd contact, meet the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and be more efficient and timely. 3. How is the return to work? How did the epidemic affect the company's business development? What can be done?

Wu Xiao : At present, we have resumed work, and all of them are in the form of remote office. The impact is definitely influential, and the offline sales business cannot be fully launched .

We are currently focusing on accelerating product development, developing new modules for ChainIDE, launching business, UI revisions, etc. Some customers have also chosen remote docking to communicate as early as possible.

Ma Chenglong : We started remote office on the 3rd, the specific office hours are yet to be determined. The impact of the epidemic on the company's business is divided into two aspects. The bad aspect is that it is impossible to travel . The projects that have been planned or declared for implementation may be postponed. There is uncertainty in this process. The cycle of institutional fund deployment, project reduction, and payment has been extended .

On the positive side, for example, in the case of our judicial system, traditional offline trials cannot be conducted at present. Our entire blockchain solution is just pure online, which accelerates the release of industry needs, and also improves social governance and credit mechanisms. , Risk prevention, people's livelihood medical care, online approval, etc. We also see opportunities in the blockchain.

I think we need to save costs, improve efficiency and expand new business areas. At the same time, we must do a good job in technology research and development, product polishing, and improve competitiveness. The most important thing is to do everything possible to survive .

Liu Bo : German Fangzhichain has started telecommuting on February 3, especially colleagues in technology research and development, and partners in government cooperation projects.

In order to ensure the safety of employees when they formally return to the office, we have prepared materials such as masks, alcohol, disinfectant, disposable gloves, etc. in advance to fully prepare employees for safe work. We have also produced a rework safety guide , and I also share it with everyone, I hope to help. It ’s easy to feel that materials are scarce. Even buying masks for employees is a history of battle. It ’s not easy. 4. What are the main expenditure pressures facing the company? (Such as employee wages and five insurances and one payment, rent, repayment of loans, payment of receivables, other expenses) If the epidemic situation will continue for a period of time, is there any pressure on the company's financing or cash flow?

Wu Xiao : We don't have much pressure on cash flow at present, because we always pay attention to cash flow.

Expenditure is mainly staff salaries, five insurances and one fund, server costs, and rent. I actually started a business for the third time. I have paid more attention to cash flow since the start of my business. Efforts to make products.

We hope to make some good income this year, so once it is fully restored, it is estimated that it will be fully fired. Because it is estimated that it will take some time, we expect to get more orders after the end.

Ma Chenglong : Our main expenditure pressure is wages and social security. It is definitely very difficult for blockchain companies to raise funds this year . As long as we can get money, I think it is good.

We have no pressure in the first half of the year, and there may be pressure on cash flow in the second half of the year, which needs to be overcome by shareholders, executives and employees, and sign more orders and pay more.

Liu Bo : President Wu and President Ma talked about the common pressure of startups. We do not have any financial pressure in the short term, but we pray that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and that the country and society can return to normal order. Under the nest cover, the eggs were finished, and the epidemic situation affected the economic trend, which was a heavy hit to the industry and enterprises. 5. What kind of help do you want from the government and financial institutions?

Wu Xiao : We hope that after the epidemic, the government will have more scenarios for blockchain intervention . In fact, there will be more applications for blockchain companies. Then there can be more opportunities to use blockchain technology to enhance the transparency of existing information and enhance credibility.

More support should be provided for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. In fact, this time it is a threshold for many entrepreneurs. It can even be said that it is difficult mode. I think there will be great economic challenges in the next stage, both in business and in the market, and cash flow will be a challenge. Even after the epidemic is over, and the second phase of the trade war is followed, the situation is not optimistic. So if the government can provide support in terms of funds, resources, and scenarios , it will be very helpful.

Ma Chenglong : The situation is very grim. I hope that the government can give more support to startups in terms of tax policies and rent reduction . More blockchain applications can be tried . The threshold for financial institutions' loans is relatively high, especially for blocks. In the case where the chain enterprise's receivables are relatively small, if it can provide credit support and maintain cash flow, it is also a good choice.

Liu Bo : As a startup company, of course, we also hope that the government will have more supportive policies, tax reductions, and low-interest or even interest-free loans to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties. Technology companies need to deposit and accumulate. expenditure. We see that many local governments have seen and successively introduced relevant policies, such as Beijing, Suzhou and other places. We hope that more local governments and financial institutions will see, value, and join the ranks of solving the crisis of SME survival. It is also hoped that after the epidemic, the government will pay more attention to the importance of science and technology, especially the importance of blockchain, and accelerate the implementation of related applications.

What can the blockchain do to fight the epidemic?

1. In previous interviews , Meng Yan, the deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute and the initiator of the Token Thinking Lab, stated that it is completely impossible to see that the blockchain has played any role in this epidemic. Do you agree with him?

Wu Xiao : I actually agree with him. I don't think blockchain plays a role in this epidemic. However, you can't blame the blockchain, because the blockchain is relatively new and many areas have not landed at all . Including the promotion of information transparency, data reversal, and credit enhancement, etc., have not had time to land. The general direction was qualitative only at the end of last year, and many projects were not launched. I think it will be useful later and it will take time .

Ma Chenglong : I also agree with Ms. Meng. At present, I can't see the role of blockchain in this epidemic. On the one hand, there are actions at the national level after 1024, and the local or industry fields have not yet fully moved. Another is how the informationization level of this industry and various regions is. To use the blockchain, it is necessary to establish a certain foundation. There must be corresponding infrastructure , so the shadow of the blockchain cannot be seen in the fight against the epidemic.

On the other hand, because of the institutional mechanism , technology alone cannot solve any of the problems in the epidemic. It is necessary to look at the blockchain technology dialectically. How to integrate the blockchain in the entire rescue process after the epidemic? More robust, more credible, and more efficient. There are opportunities overall, depending on how you land.

Liu Bo : President Wu and Mr. Ma have roughly the same views. Teacher Meng Yan feels that the blockchain industry has lost an opportunity to prove the capabilities of the blockchain. This is indeed a fact. In particular, the entire society is criticized for the lack of openness and transparency of information. People who come into contact with cases cannot be identified quickly and donated materials are not in place. This is actually where blockchain technology can play a role. Regarding this, as a blockchain practitioner, I also regret it.

This is not that technology is not working, but that it has not yet reached that stage . If the development of our blockchain application can be two years earlier and the blockchain can become the information infrastructure of the entire society, the response of the whole society will be faster this time, preventing the spread of the epidemic and the treatment will be more effective. It will definitely save more lives. I think that after this epidemic, government departments will pay more attention to technology, including blockchain technology, big data technology, artificial intelligence technology, and so on. Through technology to ensure the authenticity, transparency, timeliness, traceability, automatic execution of information, etc. to provide response and processing capabilities in crisis. So this is more proof of its necessity and importance for the blockchain . 2. Under the epidemic situation, each of us hopes to contribute our own strength, such as donating money, donating materials, etc. In addition, as practitioners in the blockchain industry, what else can we do? Combining your own business and from the perspective of feasibility, talk about the role of blockchain in fighting the epidemic?

Wu Xiao : Blockchain can play many roles in fighting the epidemic, such as information collaboration across trusted subjects, but these all take time . For example, such as the electronic medical records of the blockchain. The medical record system of one A's hospital and one B's hospital is definitely unavailable, because this data is in Hospital A, its database must not be open to Hospital B; Similarly, in Hospital B, it must not be open to A hospital.

Then if there is an alliance chain, led by the country, user information is stored on the chain through national secrets, including drug allergy history, drug records, surgery records, etc., and then give the user a private key / password. The user has performed pre-treatment in hospital A, for example, when transferring to hospital B, he can get this password because the data can be given to the user personally.

When he arrives at Hospital B, he can quickly get his previous medical information by giving his attending doctor the password. This is very meaningful during the transfer process. Because the emergency transfer can save a minute and a second of the patient's rescue time.

Ma Chenglong : In the fight against the epidemic, I personally feel that blockchain technology can try to disclose epidemic information, trace the source of rescue materials, etc. in terms of openness and transparency, and traceability management.

At present, our company is also providing blockchain + trial online products for the judiciary free of charge, to solve the problem that courts cannot be opened in the short term. It can be considered as our best to help the society.

Liu Bo : I believe that the first thing everyone thinks about is the function of tracing the source of the certificate , especially when you see that the relief materials cannot be effectively delivered to the required area and the required hospital. Some associations still use the original method of opening letters to get hospitals to collect supplies.

The blockchain's information is distributed and recorded, and the authenticity of the on-chain data cannot be tampered with. Specific to the scene, such as information sharing between suspected cases and contacts between cities , location tracking, medical equipment and personnel deployment, tracking and distribution of relief materials, and real-time sharing and recording of these related information . Blockchain can improve the efficiency and accuracy of communication, and more importantly, the biggest difficulty in sharing these information is the problem of data trust . How to implement it may require practical verification, but I believe this can be achieved, and this must be a problem that blockchain technology can solve.

In addition, what we are doing is to use blockchain technology to provide timely financing assistance to the affected SMEs. At present, everyone is concerned about the prevention and treatment of the epidemic, and the issue of economic recovery after the epidemic is immediately put on the table. This is also the German side's intellectual chain I started to hope to make a little effort for this national battle.

2020, what do you think and do?

1. What new plans does the company have in 2020? (Company status, project progress)

Wu Xiao : This year we will try to cover as much of the underlying environment of the blockchain as possible to help developers around the world accelerate the application of the blockchain and save marginal costs. Our new version of ChainIDE's Jormungand will also share all the developer traffic on our hands with all partners through the open middleware plugin.

For the alliance chain environment, there is a current market giant's blockchain underlying environment that will also deepen cooperation with us and build a developer system together. We will provide developers in the ecosystem with various docking functions and modules to help them get started quickly and lower the development threshold.

Ma Chenglong : The company's positioning will not change. The core is still blockchain + justice. The key technology is to iterate and promote ODRChain products. At present, we have operations in more than 10 provinces. There are about 20 financial institutions on the chain, more than 10 notaries, arbitration institutions and courts, and 500 million data on the chain. The project progress is concentrated on the judicial institutions and financial institutions. We also look at other judicial-related business opportunities such as people's livelihood, social governance, and public services.

Liu Bo : Defang Zhichain will continue to develop more applications and projects in the field of blockchain + finance, and continue to explore in the field of SME financing . Just like our product name "Chain Enterprise Bank", blockchain is used to link financial institutions and SMEs.

Vigorously expand customers, especially our existing supply chain financial platform, urban financial data comprehensive service platform, big data risk control platform and certificate traceability source platform, which can have more users and use, further accumulate experience, and consolidate projects in more Urban and corporate landing applications. 2. What is your attitude towards the prospects of the blockchain industry in 2020? (Optimistic, pessimistic or to be observed)

Wu Xiao : I am cautiously optimistic. I think that the blockchain is still in a large upward channel, and there are still many opportunities. But at the same time pay attention to the company's cash flow, find a profit model, and get through the difficulties. Everything that can't kill you will make you stronger.

Ma Chenglong : I am personally optimistic about the blockchain industry, but for most blockchain entrepreneurs, it remains to be seen. I think that a group of blockchain companies will die. From the perspective of the blockchain industry, it is definitely necessary to develop, both at the national and local levels are promoting landing, but in the process of development, if we entrepreneurs have the opportunity, can we participate in this question? In terms of perspective, it is necessary to consider how to survive. This year, the capital market and social capital are more cautious about the blockchain industry, and a group of blockchain companies will be eliminated .

Liu Bo : If the epidemic can end soon, I am still optimistic about the industry's prospects in 2020. After all, the country values ​​the development of this technology. Under the epidemic, the government and society saw the importance of transparent and efficient on-time communication. In the future, the government can use blockchain technology as the underlying technology and infrastructure for information transparency projects. From this perspective, it is a good opportunity for the blockchain industry.

But if the epidemic cannot end soon, the economy of the entire country will hurt its vitality, and it will be a difficult year for all industries and individuals. Pray that the epidemic will end soon. Thematic link:

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