Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound IOTA 飙 14% led the rise

Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound. IOTA飙14% led the rise

In terms of price performance, IOTA performed weakly in large-capital currencies, reaching a short-term low of $0.2351 in the near-term adjustment period, which is close to the low of $0.202 at the end of 2018. It can be seen that the IOTA short-term rebound is close to 20%, which is a typical oversold rebound currency. XRP, which has similar trends with IOTA, is the only currency in the top 5 currencies of the market that does not achieve any increase.

Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound. IOTA飙14% led the rise

The closing price of XRP fell back to the previous low of around $0.2805, and there was a K-line pattern that rebounded by 4% before continuing to fall. As a low-price rebound pattern, it is often seen as a trading signal that stops falling and rises. The rebound K on April 26 just happened to swallow the falling K line of the previous trading day, suggesting a bottom-up signal.

Judging from the position of the price, the XRP is in the lower rail position of the Bollinger Band, with a 16% increase potential of $0.3485 corresponding to the 23.6% split line of Fibonacci. Due to the recent volatile trend of XRP prices, investors can easily ignore this low-priced buying point. Considering the cost of holding money and a significant reduction, I believe that this rebound of XRP will also appear.

Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound. IOTA飙14% led the rise

The closing price of BTC remained above the middle of the Bollinger Band, and the price was stable after a short-term correction. As an investor in trend trading, BTC will not be easily sold at this time. Because the strong support of the previous K-line still plays a role, if the influence of the recent news is ignored, the BTC itself is already in an upward trend.

Even if it seems that recent negative news, the impact on BTC is also favorable. The problem of stabilizing the USDT is not only recently noticed by investors, but the current situation seems to be further fermented. The USDT's on-market price continued to remain low, and BTC was not the object of abandonment. Instead, investors need to embrace BTC.

The news shows that many domestic industry institutions will use BTC as a reserve fund to issue stable currency. It can be seen that the value of BTC is unquestionable. Investors seeking BTC hedging is a new logic for price increases.

In terms of capital inflows, BTC entered a total of 1.5 billion yuan on the 7th, and the net inflow of 570 million yuan in the recent 3 days also prompted the price to stabilize.

Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound. IOTA飙14% led the rise

From the XMR's heavy volume performance, it has continued a very clear performance since mid-March. During this period, the price rushed back and fell behind, and the increase was obviously behind most large-capital currencies. If the main force has already intervened in the XMR during the heavy volume stage, during this period of time, the main force will not be able to completely sell the chips. During the price correction period, the main force will also suffer losses. From this perspective, XMR does not have the conditions to expand the decline.

Judging from the compensatory logic, after the XMR price falls back to the price of 61 US dollars, it will fall back to the shock platform below 56 US dollars. The support of this platform is very strong, XMR has shown signs of oversold, and the price can follow BTC at any time.

Bitcoin will absorb 1.5 billion yuan or will continue to rebound. IOTA飙14% led the rise

The recent heavy volume trend of the XML of the Margin Exchange is very significant, and even during the fall of the currency price, the volume of transactions continues to increase. During the same period, investors will find similar situations when observing the overall volume performance of XLM. On the price side, XLM is already at a low of $0.098, up 35% from the lowest price of $0.072 this year.

In terms of form, XLM is still oversold in a year, and the low sideways offer a strong driving force for price recovery. As a possible oversold rebound currency, the relative price of XLM is very close to IOTA. We can pay special attention to the performance of its heavy-duty operation and the low-priced rebound buy signal. (CoinNess)

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