The Block Research Director: Changes in market sentiment in January led to a reversal of cryptocurrency movements

The Block research director Larry Cermak tweeted yesterday that in the crypto space, everything is emotionally driven. The market sentiment in January has changed drastically, and almost all macro indicators of the crypto market have increased month by month: 1. The legal spot transaction volume has increased from 39.83 billion US dollars to 67.53 billion US dollars, an increase of 70%, the highest level in 5 months ; 2. Bitcoin transaction volume surged 55%, the first increase in nearly 8 months; 3. Cryptocurrency exchange visits increased from 79.8 million to 94.3 million; 4. Adjusted settlement amount compared with December last year An increase of 19.7%; 5. The average daily trading volume of CME Group increased by 144%, and open positions are now nearly three times the end of December. Overall, the market is showing signs of reversal. This will not happen often. The last time was in April last year.