April 29 madman market analysis: blockchain news index growth digital currency has not increased?

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After a steady earthquake, the long and short sides still have no willingness to force. Although the amount of the callback can be slightly enlarged today, the possibility of direct killing is still small, so it is still at a high level. The USDT rebounded yesterday and re-emerged today. There has been a decline, showing that the funds are still flowing out from the side, the price of the currency is at a high level, and the funds in the market are not enough to push up. If there is no new capital inflow, it is only a matter of time to continue to fall back, so the small rebound of this market We don't have to do it to avoid high posts.

The madman said every day that he should not confuse the bottom, because the bottom is not so good to copy, and after all the trends are confirmed, we will operate more, and will be more practical.

Imagine: If A loses 50% of the time, B will copy the bottom. When A loses 90%, how much does B lose? The answer is 80%. Therefore, the risk of bargain-hunting is always greater than the opportunity.

The mainstream currency doesn't want to talk about it today. Every day, it's a big cake. If you analyze it and analyze it, it doesn't mean much. Just say a few are not linked.

BCH: Continued to reduce the volume, the downtrend is still, and no participation.

ETC : It is an independent market, but the amount of rebound can be small, so it is not conducive to a sharp rebound.

BNB: The high position 22.4 obviously has funds to continue to resist. Once this position is unstoppable, it will be expected to step back on the 20 support level.

April 29 madman market analysis: blockchain news index growth Digital currency has not grown?

The other basics are that the callback trend does not change, temporarily short or short positions. Wait for the big cake to determine the direction.

At the beginning of the IEO, the madman called on everyone to do the first IEO on each exchange, the exchange will not hit their faces. Now, the performance of several big exchanges is good, as long as it is not Handcuffs chase high, most of them have eaten meat. However, OKEX's first IEO building block cloud began to squat down from the market, and the RM TOP's move is the opposite. From the trend of these two days, there is a feeling of dishwashing, these two days against the market Pulling up, and continuing to increase the volume, there are signs of continuous inflow of funds, such coins have the opportunity to continue to attack in the weak market, if you can't stand the loneliness, you can only play these strong coins, you can pay attention to .

April 29 madman market analysis: blockchain news index growth Digital currency has not grown?

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