Bitcoin ATM provider Athena: Venezuelans in Colombia are the largest ATM users

According to CryptoDaily, Bitcoin automatic teller machines (ATMs) are now spreading around the world. You can find Bitcoin ATMs all over the world, but most of them are in the United States, in fact more than 50%. However, South America is also the continent where Bitcoin ATMs are proliferating, and countries such as Venezuela and Colombia now have machines that allow users to use Bitcoin Cash, Litekin, and Ethereum. According to, Athena, which is responsible for the production of numerous Bitcoin ATMs, has conducted extensive research into the use of Bitcoin ATMs in Colombia. According to Athena, Venezuelans in Colombia are the largest users of ATMs, followed closely by freelancers working in technology or marketing. Athena Latin America director Matias Goldenhörn said: "Although the entire region is picking up, Colombia is trading more-more transactions and more people using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Colombia has many freelancers who accept Bitcoin payments , They use our ATM to withdraw in fiat currency; then someone sends money to Venezuela, and they are also using Bitcoin. These are the two main users we currently have in Colombia. "