Twitter netizens question the accuracy of "the total value of locked assets in the DeFi ecosystem exceeds $ 1 billion"

According to, the total value of locked assets in the DeFi ecosystem exceeded $ 1 billion. But some people think that the value of truly locked-in assets is much lower. Defi Pulse monitors the underlying smart contracts of each protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The website states that "every hour, the chart is refreshed to extract the total balance of ETH and ERC20 tokens held by these smart contracts. TVL (USD) It's calculated by multiplying these balances by their dollar price. "This is a method that mimics how the market value of cryptocurrencies is calculated. But for a long time, market capitalization was considered an imperfect algorithm, and the same allegations apply to DeFi. A Netizen on Twitter said, "What percentage of the" locked "$ 1 billion is: composed of ICO tokens (low liquidity?); Not confused by Consensys or the Ethereum Foundation / Ethereum founder? In my opinion this is like a manipulation of market value. A billion dollars is a bold statement. "Crypto commentator Preston Byrne said," A billion dollars is not locked into DeFi. If Dai supporters are trusted, at least 3 The billion dollars is because early investors did not want to sell, so they would not be subject to tax shock. This is the difference between saying 'Jeff Bezos is worth $ 100 billion' and 'Bezos has $ 100 billion in cash'. DeFi has not locked so many assets, it has "Early holders don't want to sell ETH, and the value of these ETH is rising in the nascent bull market."