If there is a blockchain, what are the great effects on epidemic prevention and control?

An article written a year ago, "Thinking about the Blockchain Caused by Wuhan Virus" has caused a lot of discussion among netizens. Several of these measures have been implemented well in government measures around the year. Two weeks later, I think Let's explore from the perspective of the implementation of the blockchain. If there is a blockchain, what great effects will it have on epidemic prevention and control.

First, during the development of the epidemic, various high-tech methods have demonstrated their magic. For example, use big data to analyze the spread of the epidemic, use AI to analyze whether the contacts are infected with the virus, use drones to speak to people without masks, use Aerial photography introduces the quiet moments of each bustling city, the detection of human group temperature by infrared measuring instrument and so on. High-tech has played a role that many people cannot do for the monitoring and spread of the epidemic, such as the sleeplessness of machines, objective analysis of AI, and unfortunately, the blockchain has not been used.

Second, think again from the perspective of the blockchain, a deeper step in the blockchain.

1. Consensus. This epidemic is not an ordinary epidemic. Sars in 2003 has certain similarities. It is relatively contagious. It is necessary to strengthen prevention and control and use various social forces to overcome the epidemic. At present, most people are consciously at home. Isolation. From aerial photography and video in many places, it can be seen that the surroundings, street broadcasts, and the transmission of information in the circle of friends can be further authenticated. Controlling liquidity is indeed a more effective way to deal with virus transmission. .

2. Openness and transparency. At the time of the outbreak, the case should be chained to make the information open and transparent, so that all medical staff can grasp the development status of the epidemic in real time, so that scientific researchers can conduct research in non-epidemic areas, and allow organizations around the world. Can also be involved in research. This point, with the national high-level consensus, there has been a fundamental change. The original uncertainty has become a real-time epidemic data announcement, but the data has not yet been put on the blockchain (blockchainization). The legend of the case is a bit Confusion, for example, a certain drug in the country of China, has not been applied, there are a large number of reports that specific effects have come out. The occurrence of such statements, if the method of multi-node demonstration of blockchain technology, should be greatly reduced, because each Each authenticated node needs to bear certain responsibilities and needs to verify the authenticity of the information. The transparency of the case requires the transparency of the system first, and then the implementation of technology. If the system does not allow it, no matter how good the technology is, it cannot be applied.

3. Collaborative division of labor. Real-time and transparent monitoring of the epidemic situation can be coordinated. At the same time, government departments coordinate the division of labor and use all aspects of social forces. To strengthen supervision and management, early detection and early treatment, each department should perform its duties, strictly control various channels of transmission, from prevention to control. In the past two weeks, the division of labor between government departments has not been fully reflected. Many negative news on the Internet, such as the director of the Huanggang Health Committee, asked me if I did n’t know. The resources of the Hubei Red Cross Society could not be deployed very well. and many more. If there is a blockchain, then there will not be so much uncertainty about these issues. As the nodes on the chain, each department is clear about its job responsibilities and tasks, the needs and trends of materials are clear at a glance, and the work completion status of each department is also clear. It is clear that the efficiency of the government can be improved by more than one grade.

4. Traceability and accountability, the introduction of the blockchain traceability mechanism, to investigate the ins and outs of the epidemic situation, the accountability of this accountability, the improvement of improvements, and the establishment of a society-wide prevention and control system. Major units need to pay attention. For traceability and accountability, if there is a blockchain, then the person in Jinjiang lied back from the Philippines and it will be the current situation, because his action trajectory did not leave the country at all, but XX is in Hubei! Those who have contact history will be marked, and their trajectories will be tracked when they go out. It is even possible to bring an electronic copy, which is not allowed out of a certain boundary.

5. Distributed control. In each epidemic area, the corresponding department in each place controls and isolates it, and transmits it to the blockchain in real time, so that the leadership group can take a glance and take measures more efficiently. This is particularly well done, fully in line with the attributes of the blockchain. Every community and village is almost in the distributed control of the performer's blockchain.

6. Trust, complete the above operations, and strengthen the trust of the masses in the government, so that they can start with themselves and cooperate with the government to do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic, so that the epidemic will end as soon as possible. What I want to say here is that trust is the cornerstone. Only when the information is transparent and open, the government cooperates with the division of labor, the implementation of the measures can be traced to the source, and the tasks are clear, can we better play the role of the government as a whole and the superiority of the socialist system Only in this way can we truly be united in one's minds and work together to overcome difficulties.

Third, can it be implemented? What resources are needed

The above thinking has a process to become a reality. From the practical perspective of ground application, we also have to make a deduction.

1. The application of the blockchain first requires the support of infrastructures such as big data. The blockchain is built on these big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other infrastructure. The above practices need to be implemented and the government needs to open the corresponding big data. Interface, which requires high-level consensus from the government.

2. The application and implementation of technology require distributed nodes and consensus. In China, due to the superiority of our system, high-level consensus can be basically implemented, but the design and participation of distributed nodes requires a certain amount of time and practice. Such as the reserve of talents, training requires a certain process.

3. The popularity of hardware facilities, such as the Jinjiang people ’s movement trajectory above, requires a large number of high-definition cameras, information entry of various sites, and the connection of regional networks. At present, in some large cities, these hardware infrastructures are gradually improved. , You can consider the current pilot, in some relatively remote places, implementation is still difficult.

Fourth, this year is the year of blockchain application, hope and expectation

After 024, the application of blockchain has been mentioned in the country's strategic level, and there has also been a boom in blockchain across the country. Unfortunately, this epidemic drowned many blockchain voices as an earlier national block. Chain organization, we have the obligation and confidence to give certain institutions, companies, and individuals in need of help in the application process of the blockchain. Last year, we also developed a member chain system and carried out in member companies. After the test experiments, if necessary, we are willing to share this system with relevant departments to make the blockchain technology truly serve the people.

It is hoped that with the improvement and end of the epidemic, our country can truly lead the development of the world on the new racing track of blockchain.

Agu 2/7/2020