Empowering the value of the Internet age, IPSE will launch the world ’s first joint landing on BigONE

According to official news, IPSE will jointly launch on the BigONE trading platform at 12:00 (UTC + 8) on February 15th, and open POST / USDT, POST / BTC trading pairs. Currently, BigONE has opened POST recharge service. At the same time, starting February 8th, IPSE founder Silver Xie and his team will conduct a one-week live video broadcast on the Three Eyes Frog live broadcast platform to fully interpret the value of POST investment.

IPSE is a search network engine based on the IPFS network. As a new generation of traffic entry, it will greatly empower the blockchain and create great value for the distributed economy era.

BigONE is a trustworthy, secure, professional, and win-win global blockchain digital asset custody and trading platform, providing users with a full range of one-stop digital asset related services such as spot transactions, leveraged contracts, and entrusted management of wealth.