The Secret History of Bitcoin: The Story Behind the Bitcoin Logo?

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Author: LucyCheng

The huge B plus two vertical lines, orange and white color, flat, with a bit of deviation, is the bitcoin logo we are familiar with; but it did n’t look like this at the beginning of the story, but a gold coin with the BC logo .

Bitcoin software shows initial logo of BTC

This gold coin-shaped logo was announced by Satoshi Nakamoto after launching the Bitcoin client. Although he abandoned "BC" one year later and replaced it with "B + II" that he still uses today; but the overall design is still a gold coin.

History of Bitcoin Logo

There are many opinions about this new logo design forum. Starting from the appearance of gold coins, some netizens believe that this is a metaphor for the analogy of bitcoin with precious metals, which is consistent with the ultimate ideal state of bitcoin that most enthusiasts agree with. However, from the perspective of color matching and overall design, it can only be regarded as unsatisfactory.

A netizen named Arrowj said vaguely below the post that if we ca n’t plan something ahead of time, when one day Bitcoin becomes well-known, we want to make some changes without hurting brand awareness Will become very passive. If everyone insists on using something that feels "OK", then when things are successful, using this logo will be slightly stupid.

Satoshi Nakamoto was also helpless about the discussions in the forum. He has stated many times that he is not good at processing pictures. In the end, he could only say one sentence, "If anyone can do better, do it, mine. The picture has been released publicly, "and temporarily set aside things.

Excerpts from the "New icon / logo" reply on the Bitcointalk forum on November 2, 2010

This state of inertia continued until the bitboy airborne Bitcoin forum was officially broken. On November 1, 2010, the anonymous netizen who claimed to be a Chinese designer appeared on the forum for the first time and released the familiar orange and white icon. He explained that this was modified on the basis of Satoshi's logo prototype, inspired by the Mastercard logo, "(Mastercard logo) This is inspiration, ironically, I hate Mastercard and Visa".

A post by bitboy on the Bitcointalk forum on November 1, 2010

In accordance with Satoshi Nakamoto's wishes expressed earlier, bitboy will open source all pictures and design processes for free use by the community; by the way, he also left a message on the post of Satoshi Nakamoto. It may be that Satoshi Nakamoto was leaving (he disappeared within a month after the logo was released), busy upgrading and maintaining the network, and did not notice the bitboy's message; however, this orange and white icon was quickly won the forum The favorite of most netizens in the world, the Japanese exchange Mt. Gox also took the lead in expressing the use of the logo on its pages.

Part of bitboy's explanation of logo design (Source: "Bitcoin Symbol and Logo Origins" by bitboy)

In fact, in the following years, many new proposals and designs emerged in the community, such as adding a horizontal line in the lower semicircle of the capital B, or using a vertical line to run through the entire capital B, etc .; Recognition of flat italics B in the community.

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