Coinbase: BTC's volatility has been weakening for years, and mining has ensured Bitcoin's advantage over gold

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase tweeted that the bitcoin is much more volatile than gold. However, the volatility of BTC has been weakening for years. According to CoinMetrics, the volatility of BTC has declined in the past 10 years: from 6.4% in 2010-2015 to 3.7% in 2015-2020. Over the past decade, Bitcoin and gold have both been viable safe havens under global economic uncertainty. Bitcoin, which has numerous technical advantages and accelerated development, is digital gold. Mining ensures the advantage of Bitcoin over gold. No one knows exactly how much gold is on the planet, because there is no way to verify the gold supply. With Bitcoin, anyone, even the simplest computer, can verify all the Bitcoins that exist.