Ant Miner Asia Pacific Sales Leader: Affected by the epidemic, Bitmain's 17 model miners have limited capacity

Fan Xiaojun, head of sales of the Asia-Pacific region of Ant Mining Machine, said in an interview that due to the impact of the epidemic, the delivery of major mining machine manufacturers may be delayed. Now most people cannot return to work on time. There will be some delays in the supply chain and the delivery of materials. In this case, the following situations should occur: 1. The number of newly produced miners has decreased (Bitmain's current 17 models of miners have been sold until the end of March, and the total amount is not large); 2. The entire network The growth of computing power will become very slow; 3. The value of the stock miners in the market becomes higher; 4. If the difficulty, currency price and electricity costs are constant, halving the total computing power of machines with high J / T may be halved Fewer.