Beijing's blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform has officially launched

According to People's Daily News, on February 7, Beijing's blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform has been officially launched. This platform uses the Beijing Xiaowei Financial Services Platform, a subsidiary of Beijing Financial Group, as a unified entrance through the blockchain The underlying technology enables the government and the state-owned enterprises to purchase accounts receivables, and aggregates various financial resources such as financing guarantees and asset management to provide SMEs with comprehensive supply chain financial services. The main functions of the platform include: providing proof of account confirmation based on blockchain technology, and supporting online management of the confirmation process; supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to initiate financing needs online after obtaining the confirmation of the authorization, and launching the online "Loan" products; support banks to review financing applications, credit management and loan management. On February 5, the Beijing Municipal Government issued "Several Measures on Dealing with the Impact of Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection to Promote the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises," which explicitly stated that a blockchain-based supply chain debt platform is required Small, medium and micro enterprises participating in government procurement and state-owned enterprise procurement provide right financing services.