China Currency (ZB) launched Metaverse DNA today, with a maximum increase of 88.88%

According to official news, the Chinese currency (ZB) officially launched DNA at 14:00 on February 9th, less than an hour after the launch, the DNA turnover has exceeded 50 million yuan, the opening price of 0.006USDT, the highest price of 0.018USDT, the highest amplitude reached 104.55 %, Now quoted 0.013USDT, the highest increase reached 88.88%.

Metachain DNA Dual Chain Network Architecture is a parallel, anchored DNA token fast chain developed on the ETP security basic chain. It uses a hybrid consensus algorithm and Lightning Network technology to simultaneously identify digital identities and sensitive data. Protect it and further build a fully functional blockchain infrastructure. And received strong support from the largest community in the country-Ant Node Alliance.