Weekly development of listed companies' blockchain business: In the first week of market opening, 5 companies invested in blockchain business

Inter-chain pulse statistics, this week a total of 5 listed companies' blockchain dynamics. Its business direction is mainly the investment direction. China Construction Equipment Corporation increased its capital and Tianyu Network established wholly-owned subsidiaries. The companies invested by these two companies are involved in the blockchain field. In addition, two other listed companies will further promote the development of blockchain applications in the field of luxury goods and advertising marketing in 2020.

February 6

[Sinotrans Construction's external capital increase into an important extension of the company's blockchain project]

China National Construction (002822) intends to increase the capital of Anxun Group Co., Ltd. (Anxun Group). After the capital increase, China National Construction occupies a 30% stake in Anxun Group. It is reported that Anxun Group is a company focusing on data center construction, cloud video office, cloud computing and big data, data center operations and network security solutions. So far, Anxun Group has provided IDC (Internet Data Center) services to customers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kao, Lamborghini and other government departments, financial institutions and corporate units. IDC is a supporting infrastructure for the construction of blockchain projects, and provides a cloud data processing technology center for the operation of blockchain platforms. This investment plan is an important extension of the company's blockchain project, which can deepen the digital transformation of the main business.

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Industrial Services-Investment

February 5

[Adier invests in the establishment of China Decoration Technology to use blockchain to create a new jewelry retail platform]

Fujian Aidier Jewelry Industry Co., Ltd. (Aidier 002740) intends to establish a company in cooperation with Hangzhou Yingotong Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Muzhu Asset Management Co., Ltd. The company name is tentatively named China Decoration (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. It is reported that Aideer's proposed investment in the establishment of China Decoration Technology is mainly to further develop the new retail business of jewellery, to explore the "online + offline interoperability" operation model and the integration of the "Cargo Pass" technology system in the jewelry, diamond and gold industries. Application to create a new industry platform and SaaS service system, including but not limited to the use of 5G, VR, blockchain technology and other information technology to create a new retail platform for the Chinese jewelry industry.

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Application-Consumption-Luxury Goods

[Easton 2020 Innovative Development Blockchain Application Star Chain Cloud]

Yi Yatong (002183) introduced in the " Announcement on the Company's Response to the Pneumonia Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection". In 2020, the company will fully promote change and innovative development, including: Star Chain Cloud (supply chain + blockchain + Internet) to "Personal Cloud, Enterprise Cloud, Retail Cloud" is the core of the three major cloud businesses. I hope that through the sharing, openness, and security of blockchain technology, we will combine the efficient accessibility of the Internet with the help of Aiaton's powerful offline supply chain services. Ability to complete new business value closed loop.

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Application-Social Content-Advertising Marketing

[Tianyu Network Investment sets up a wholly-owned subsidiary to cover the blockchain]

Dongguan Tianyu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianyu Network 838309) intends to invest in the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiaries Guangdong Haofang Jingxuan E-commerce Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tokyo Color Internet Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Beijing Color Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, the business scope of Guangjing Caiwulian Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingcai Technology Co., Ltd. all include blockchain management.

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Industrial Services-Investment

February 3

[Information Development Blockchain R & D investment in 2019 is not less than 10 million yuan]

Shanghai CITIC Information Development Co., Ltd. (Information Development 300469) released the “Annual Performance Forecast for 2019”, which shows that during the reporting period, the company increased its market development efforts and investment in R & D expenses in accordance with the requirements of the transformation and development of the Information Development 2.0 strategy. In particular, the investment in research and development of blockchain and big data has increased significantly, and it is expected that each will invest no less than 10 million yuan.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Research


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