"Chain", a charity donation traceability platform developed by FunChain Technology, has officially launched

On February 10th, the development and technical support of Hangzhou FunChain Technology Co., Ltd., and China Xiong'an Group Digital City Co., Ltd. were responsible for business operations. Shanzun, the charity donation traceability platform responsible for business operations, is officially launched. Hangzhou Internet Notary Office will also provide corresponding notarization services for Shanzun platform to effectively prevent fraudulent donations and other dishonest acts by legal means. According to FunChain Technology, the platform uses the alliance's blockchain network to provide a full-link credible and efficient solution for charitable donations in this epidemic, so that demanders have a convenient and fast demand information publishing platform. The donor can successfully complete the donation of materials, the recipient can receive the donated materials in a timely manner, and the masses can see and believe the whole process of donation, so that each donation can find a foothold, thereby further increasing the trust of society in charity. .