Yuandao: In the autonomous encryption tribe, the focus of KYF is more important than the traditional world KYC.

Recently, Babbitt columnist Yuan Dao said in the "Rereading Zhongbenong Mail Series – Anonymous Articles": In the autonomous encryption tribe, I tried to propose a new concept called KYF, (KnowYour Friend), that is, concerned. The point is not the identity of a person, but some specific attributes of that person. For example, in a particular autonomous encrypted tribe, each Aboriginal, each immigrant's investment experience, investment preferences, risk tolerance, etc., this information is actually more important than the "real identity" (KYC of the traditional world) . The reason is that any Tribe needs each member to contribute their own strength and achieve common goals, and these attributes will be a measure of whether a person has the ability, which is an important condition for Tribe to gather a group of people to cooperate.