BigONE has launched spot-to-position spot leverage, and has started interest-free and interest-reduction activities in leveraged trading

On February 10, BigONE launched a position-by-position spot leveraged trading, and started relevant activities such as interest-free and interest-rate reduction in leveraged trading.

It is understood that currently BigONE leveraged trading supports five trading pairs, including BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, and the maximum leverage multiple is 3 times. Both the web and App clients are now online. Leveraged trading activities include three "benefits": interest-free loans and 7 levels of interest-free loans on the first day of listing, 50% off interest on trading loans and discounts from market makers.

BigONE is the world's first high-quality digital trading platform such as ETH and EOS. After more than two years of development, it has accumulated a high-quality user base and asset depth. Of digital asset trading and custody platform